Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the February 15, 1995 meeting

Ka-Neng Au, B. Beede, N. Borisovets, J. Consoli, H. Hemmasi (recorder), K.Mulcahy, S. Nash, F. Polach, B., Zambella.

Approval of the Minutes

1. Approved minutes from the past meeting (1/18/95).


2. FACULTY COORDINATOR - (K. Mulcahy): distributed Revised Post-tenure Review Procedure - - Library Faculty Interpretations and indicated that this document will also serve as brief minutes for the last faculty meeting (1/27/95); indicated that poll of library faculty asking whether and how to respond to the support of President Lawrence resulted in a majority of replies favoring individual response rather than a group response.

UNIVERSITY LIBRARIAN - (F. Polach): asked for opinions/thoughts about what RU librarians might do in response to issues of multi-culturalism recently raised; suggestions included:

a. Create homepages on INFO to represent interests of individual ethnic groups; ask for review/input from interested professors and student groups.

b. Encourage RU librarians to do more community out-reach; for example, work with local high schools.

c. Add new titles and increase number of existing copies for materials representing specific ethnic groups.

d. Create library internships for minorities, perhaps in conjunction with SCILS (intern could be current student or newly-graduated librarian); seek support for internships.

e. Review structure, approach and incentives of RUL to determine if we can/should engender more interest among minorities to join the faculty.

f. Establish undergraduate peer counseling with the goals of training students to assist other students in the library and of encouraging interest in the profession.

h. determine if RU librarians are providing minorities with equal services (discussion followed that when English is the second language for patron, problems of communication often arise).

i. Continue to target certain groups, regardless of ethnic background: transfer students, university college students.

j. Poll RU minority faculty and staff to determine if they perceive any inequality of treatment.

k. Create more displays in the library with a focus on connecting us to the communities in question.

Polach asked that any additional thoughts/comments regarding this topic be brought to his attention.

Standing Committees

4. Appointment and Promotions - (Au): Reported that half of the reappointment files have been reviewed and that 3 candidates for the librarian's position at Camden have been interviewed.

Rules of Procedure - (Beede): Indicated that bylaws will be distributed soon and that elections for faculty secretary and faculty coordinator are upcoming.

6. Scholarly and Professional Activity - (Zambella): No report; (agreed that a workshop for tenure and promotion will be scheduled).

7. Planning: No report.

8. Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action: No report.

9. Short Research Assignments (Nash): Reported recent applications have been approved by Library Director.

10. Collection Development - (Consoli): no report; (related that RLG Metro selectors met at NYU in January, sharing information about electronic resources; a listserv for this group has been established).

11. Public Services - (Hemmasi): Reported that (a) task force will be appointed to recommend by March/April a strategy to determine the list and a list of titles for a networked electronic resources package; (b) proposed pilot projects to test document delivery might be used: (i) in place of ILL; (ii) instead of adding new serial titles or to replace existing titles (it was unclear how such projects might give valuable feedback); (c) both new and old library structures will be kept on INFO until end of semester.

12. Technical Services - (Au): Reported that TAS cataloging divisions have been reorganized to provide more efficient service; a new server for the library will be purchased with ELF monies; the authority module in IRIS will be used by manually adding and linking series authority records with bibliographic records (cross-references for variant series titles will now appear in the online catalog); a task force on cataloging electronic journals will be appointed.


13. Camden - No report.

14. Newark (Au): reported that serials weeding project is underway in order to accommodate inclusion of titles from Institute of Public Administration and the Chemistry Library; upgrading of 16 PC's in the library (from T's and 286's to 486's) has been completed with funds from the student computing fees; more PC's will be supplied through RUCS.

15. New Brunswick - (Mulcahy): Reported that President Lawrence will speak to students in the Pane Room on 2/16/95; fund-raising for the Alex 4th floor is continuing and is successful thus far.

16. OLD BUSINESS - None.

17. NEW BUSINESS: Library faculty meeting -3/24/95. Coordinating Committee Meeting - 3/15/95.

Respectfully submitted by Farideh Tehrani

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