Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the Nov. 19, 1997 meeting

Marianne Gaunt, Mary Page, Susan Beck, Ben Beede, Ilona Caparros, Theo Haynes, Marty Kesselman, Jackie Mardikian, Ray Schwartz, Farideh Tehrani, Ellen Gilbert.

1. Minutes of last meeting approved with one date correction: Nov. "24" RUL Faculty Meeting changed to Nov. 14.

2. Old Business: None.

3. New Business:

Filling New Lines: MIG asked whether PPAAC and the Planning Committee are addressing similar concerns in their respective examinations of how lines are filled. She suggested that the Planning Com. work on identifying areas of growth and existing talent in the system, distribution of workloads, and optimizing subject expertise. Ques.: Credibility of the decision- making process; how do we follow up on a committee's recommendations? Ans.: Univ. Librarian enforces.

Reorganization of the SACs will occur after N.B. reorganization.

4. Univ. Librarian's Report:

Largely covered at 11/14 Faculty Meeting. MIG and PG are talking with staff using the staff mode of SIRSI at each unit to create a list of concerns and issues; should be ready in about two weeks. The Implementation Committee and SACOPS are looking at the public service side of SIRSI.

5. Coordinator's Report:

A metropolitan NY SIRSI Users Group will meet on Dec. 9 at Rutgers. It was agreed that RU should take a leadership role here. The Windows version of OVID is due in January. The final report on the Reorg. of NB Tech. Services was submitted to Marianne for her approval. This will be meshed with the Access Services report.

6. Committees:

A&P: will finish tenure reviews this week; interviews (at least 3) to follow.

SACOPS: Oct. meeting was in Newark; SIRSI problems of preeminent concern. Reviewed the Report of the Task Force on Fee Based Education, the central budget, the Webmaster position, long range planning, the joint SACs meeting, and OPAC changes. SACOPS supports the LIAC policy statement and it was noted that responding to LIAC questions is "overwhelming," with 40 to 60 questions coming in every day. Responsibility rotates monthly among the RUL units; many questions are from outside RU. Miles is preparing a FAQs page, but policy is needed to insure uniformity of responses (in particular, the discrepancy between degree of detail provided on the phone vs. a LIAC response was noted).

It was suggested that the agendas of upcoming SAC meetings be circulated, alerting people to noteworthy issues and providing enough lead time for feedback.

The role of the Agenda (newsletter) was questioned. It was noted that staff particularly appreciate the information it carries. Please encourage people to submit items to the Agenda.

SACOTAS: met 11/6. Discussion of cataloging ejournals was passed along to SACOPS. Acquisition Training in SIRSI coming. Innopac date of expiration not certain; probably by the end of the year. Windows '95 will be installed in staff computers during the coming break. Public machines will follow.

7. Area Reports:

Camden: lost 1/2 of Tech. Services staff to better jobs.

Newark: Book Arts Symposium (11/7) very successful. Consultant coming to help plan Smart Classrooms. A temporary librarian is filling in for Au who is teaching at GSM.

NB: LSM celebration (marking completed renovation) to be held Mar. 5. The 3rd NB Reorg. meeting scheduled for Dec. 12; Jeris and group conveners will be meeting with University consultants. Post-tenure review process in NB will be clarified.

Meeting adjourned at 11 am.

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