Minutes of Coordinating Committee Meeting for the March 25, 1998 meeting

Mary Page, Ilona Caparros, Jackie Mardikian, Ka-Neng Au, Marianne Gaunt, Susan Beck, Theo Haynes, Marjorie Li, Ellen Gilbert

1. Minutes of Jan. 21 approved with minor typographical corrections.
Minutes of Feb. 25 approved

2. Old Business: none.

3. New Business:

a. Technical Competencies for Librarians subcommittee: no report yet.

b. Suggested By-Laws changes from Rules & Procedures Committee discussed. NB faculty must decide how they want to be represented on the SACs. (Two representatives to each committee.) The history of how (and how many) members are appointed to the SACs by AULs is not clear. Need to insure coverage of disciplines and unit representation. Six units identified: NB Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives, Technical and Automated Services, Robeson and branches, Dana and branches, and Public Services and Communications. It was agreed that the entire RUL faculty should be part of the decision on how to configure the SACs: information will be distributed at the April 3rd meeting, and a ballot will follow.

c. Role of the Coordinating Committee: discussion tabled til next meeting. Agreed that a previous NB Faculty Survey contains significant information that will be a good basis for discussion.

4. University Librarian's Report:

a. Ergonomics Fair at TAS was well-attended. Helpful products were displayed and MIG is getting good feedback on it. We are encouraged to look at our ergonomic needs and make requests; money for purchases should be available from time to time.

b. There will be open meetings with the Middle States Accreditation team on all three campuses on March 30 and 31. Sign up if you wish to speak, or else simply attend.

c. MIG would like to do 3 presentations on planning for the next 5 years ("A Bridge to the Future") at RUL.

d. The Digital Library 2 proposal for NSF (J. Flanagan, Principal Investigator) funding will be discussed at a brainstorming session on Mon., 3/30. The theme of the proposal is the "human in the loop" - how researchers work in a digital environment - and MIG would like to insure library participation. Large databases available in the libraries and the SCC, and librarians' expertise, should be tapped. Suggested that we consider, and publicize, how we are presenting our own information; note that the RUL web page is the most heavily used RU web site.

e. The Copyright Forum on Fri., 3/27 promises to be an excellent program.

f. VALE discussions continue. The proposal will include three levels of funding to insure that at least some funding will occur. Awareness of available money has grown and there have been numerous proposals.

5. Report of the Faculty Coordinator:

Reminder: Please do NOT reiterate committee meeting minutes at the 4/3 RUL Faculty Meeting; present highlights instead.

6. Committee Reports

-A & P: Interviewed third candidate for the Latin America specialist position. (An offer to this candidate was subsequently refused. Both this, and the open History position, need to be reopened and, perhaps, their scope reconsidered).

-SAPAC: Meets in two weeks to pick up on, among other things, discussion of editing issue of RUL Journal. Cosponsoring, with SACCDM & Diversity Committee, May 20 program on multicultural issues in collection development. The keynote speaker, Dan Figueroa, is a leading authority in this area. SAPAC looks forward to sponsoring a Brown Bag presentation in mid or late June when Rhonda Marker will report on an OCLC Institute she is attending earlier that month.

-Planning: Met to prepare for April 3 RUL Faculty meeting.

-Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action: met to discuss the vacant position created by the change in NB structure. Three committee members are involved in the internship project; they hope to have the selection criteria and process set by mid-April. The Diversity Committee- sponsored program featuring writer Iris Chang and hosted by Thelma Tate, was a great success, with over 200 people of all generations attending. Twenty-three other organizations cosponsored this program. Since it occurred during Spring Break when most students were away, there is some discussion of bringing Chang back.

-Research Leave: Is working on timetables; will develop a revised application.

-SACCDM: Met on March 19 to discuss "Goals & Activities for the Implementation of the Five Year Plan" which includes suggestions for improving efforts in collection development, access services, instructional programs and information services, and development (fund raising). The plan calls for a retooling of the library budget to bring RUL more in line with the top quartile of AAU libraries, including $1 million year for the next five years for print materials, and $500,000 for electronic resources. The Networked Electronic Resources Subcommittee met immediately after to discuss procedures for considering suggested new products.

-SACOPS: Met in Feb; is now meeting for 3 hours at a time because of length of agenda. Discussed mediated searches; for $10 librarians will provide a patron with a disk containing their requested search (this is separate from ROARS and Search Express). Also discussed: overdue fines, ILLs, public work station use for email, and distance learning. Univ. of Phoenix arrangement tabled for now. Coord. Com. agreed on need for new ways of reporting usage statistics because of increasing remote access.

7. Area Reports:

-Camden: Camden County/Robeson arrangements are finalized; 1500 additional students will be accommodated, having considerable impact. Access services, voucher support, and collections money may consequently need attention. A new, non-tenured faculty line at Robeson has been created as a result.

-Newark: Finished a worthwhile library self-study in conjunction with the reaccreditation of the business program. Dana will be hosting the Middle States Accreditation team next week.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

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