Fund Code Review Task Force: Charge

The current fund codes in our acquisition system were established in (1993), before the implementation of SIRSI. It is time to review the fund codes - their structure and the individual elements - to see if they give us the information we need to manage our funds in the most efficient manner possible.

Some areas to look at are:

  1. Does our current structure with its three elements - subject, material type and location still work well for us?
  2. Do the current subject codes reflect all the subject areas we current cover accurately? Do we need to consolidate subject areas to reflect inter- and multi-disciplinary areas? How can we replace the subject code "EL" (electronic- central, networked) with specific subject codes?
  3. Do the types of material elements (Approval, Membership, Monograph, Monograph and Publisher series, Periodical-Current, Publisher-Package, and Retro Serials) cover the range of material types we acquire? Do they adequately predict acquisitions patterns for each year?
  4. Do our location codes reflect all the locations for which we acquire materials? Would it be useful to establish a location code for RU-Online? Do the funds codes need to reflect all the current locations?

The task force will present its report with recommendations to the Collection Development and Management Council by not later than May 15, 2005 which will give sufficient time for implementing recommended changes for the FY2006.

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