Fund Code Review Task Force Report - June 2005

Veronica Calderhead
Howard Dess
Nancy Hendrickson
Rebecca Martinez
Jim Nettleman
Mary Page
Robert Sewell
Gracemary Smulewitz
Christopher Sterback


The Fund Code Review Task Force was asked to evaluate fund code structures for library resources to improve representation of material expenditures in all disciplines for the libraries. The charge to the task force was the following:

The current fund codes in our acquisition system were established in (1993), before the implementation of SIRSI. It is time to review the fund codes - their structure and the individual elements - to see if they give us the information we need to manage our funds in the most efficient manner possible.

The Task Force evaluated the fund code structures for their effectiveness in allocations, in evaluation of collections and in cash flow analysis.


As digital resources continue to grow at Rutgers Libraries, to best evaluate by subject their impact on collection development, the committee presented the following recommendations to Collection Development Council:

Non Periodical Subscriptions

The Task Force is currently evaluating non-periodical order records where encumbrances may not be paid out each fiscal year. Data is being gathered to determine the best method to control encumbrances. The intent is to implement recommendations for these records throughout the 2005/2006 fiscal year.

The Task Force will continue it's evaluations for this next fiscal year.

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