Minutes of February 11, 2003 meeting

S. Bartz, P. Cabelli, E. Calhoun, B. Hosh, S. Posluszny, K. Reichardt, A. Ruggiero (chair), G. Smulewitz, D. Walker (recorder)


1. Preceding meeting minutes were reviewed and accepted.

2. Ellen Calhoun distributed a sheet from the review file of November –New Serials/ Print and Online.  She has created the file and is using it to evaluate the MARCIVE full record loads and explained how her notes should be interpreted.

3. Ellen said that once you look at the title and make the adjustments the record should be marked as done.  When all titles in file are completely processed, Ellen will delete that file from the Access Database   When you see OT in the note field it should be interpreted to mean check for holdings as a preexisting title,  follow standard procedures for title changes. NEW titles must have a control record and MARC holdings created.  Ellen will develop a Marcive Workgroup list to distribute information about the records.  (Editing retrospectively – everyone is on the FEDDOCSCAT list)

4. Gracemary Smulewitz stated that the only records that will be looked at will say “created by MARCIVE”.

5. Ellen will ask Elizabeth Leister to check the records also and to remove duplicates and make necessary changes, once this is done then unit will work on title.  In the process of reviewing the records, Elizabeth has asked Paul to send her information or particular titles for review.

6. Holdings questions should be addressed to Andrew at Alex and Bob Hosh at LSM.

7. Paul and Andrew have been reviewing some titles and have found some problems.  Paul stated that some titles need control records.

8. Gracemary suggested that the spreadsheets that Andrew designed to monitor the workflow for Marcive material and the time element in processing them should be merged into one document.

9. Brief records for Basic Editions can be sent to Data Base Management as Priority 2.

10. Gracemary will discuss the issue of stamps with Cathy.

Next meeting 3/18/03 at LSM.

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