Minutes of May 13, 2003 meeting

Andrew Ruggiero (Chair), Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Bob Hosh, Suzanne Posluszny, Kayla Reichardt, Gracemary Smulewitz, Diane Walker
Paul Cabelli


  1. Consolidating a multi-volume SLS microfiche title into one bib record: is it possible? (A.R.)
  2. Checking up on back claims (D.W.)
  3. Data presentation : depository processing time track (A.R.)


The meeting was called to order at 10: 10 a.m.
GS announced that DW would be moving her desk closer to AR at the end of the month.

The minutes of April 29th meeting were approved with a correction to the start time of 10:10 (not 8:10).  In the list of assignments:
 GS has revised and distributed the minutes from the Feb.11, 2003 meeting.
 SB has updated the feddocscat_rul listserv membership and announced its expanded purpose.
 AR has created the spreadsheet to monitor SLS workflow, and work with DW is ongoing.
 GS has requested a NB depository stamp and it has been ordered.

The decisions and assignments summarize discussion from the meeting.  We need to better understand the relationship between SLS temp records for hearings, and the full bib records for these titles.  SLS records are received for the microfiche.  But GPO catalogs on the print version, so the most likely scenario is to get the full record before the temp record.  The temp record will most likely not be overlaid.

For background discussion of multipart volumes, see IRIS control #a1729206 (SLS record for 2003 part 1); and full records #a1794692 (for 2003) and #a1794606 (for 2002).  Title is Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government appropriations....

For a copy of the time track statistics, see the government documents main page within the Collection Services Page on the NBL Website


1.  All SLS records must be searched in Workflows by title.  If a search by title is not successful, a search by SuDoc class or Item No. may be tried.  Use the “general” category in either search.
If a full bib record exists for a title with multiple parts, and there is one or more SLS temp records for the title: add all holdings to the full bib record, shadow the temp SLS records and add the control number(s) for the shadowed SLS record to the problem file.

If only the SLS temp record exists for a multipart title, consolidate holdings for all parts on 1 SLS record.  Shadow the unused SLS records and add them to the problem file.  Update the 500-note field in the retained SLS record to include information about all SL numbers and part numbers, for example:
 Shipping list no.: 2002-0244-P (pt.1), 2002-0234-P (pt.2).<

2.  The problem file will be reviewed at each monthly meeting of the GovDocsProcs Team (or bimonthly, dependent on size of the file).  Shadowed records will be deleted following group review and decision.

3.  LSM titles will be sent directly to SP at the time DW processes the shipping list titles.  SB will have reviewed the split items beforehand.

4.  AR and DW will continue to monitor SLS workflow and enter data into the time track spreadsheet for the remainder of the GPO fiscal year.  The GPO fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.  This will give us almost a full year of data for Marcive SLS workflow.

5.  Only SLS adds should be counted as unit adds for ARL statistics for “items classed and added at the unit”.  TAS will count any titles sent to be cat, including federal non-depository.

6.  The BibCat Group will look at monograph titles received under split item numbers and consult the documents librarian if needed about placement.  The split items are included in both lists that SB creates for the Marcive monograph loads (Alex or Split, and LSM or Split).



Meeting adjourned at 11:50 a.m.

Next meeting  -  June 10, 2003.  @ LSM  Special Collections Room -  10:00 a.m.

Next recorder is Paul Cabelli
Backup recorder is Bob Hosh.

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