Minutes of November 11, 2003 meeting

Andrew Ruggiero(Chair), Melody Tomaszewicz(Recorder) EC, KR, EL, SP, CP, BH, SB, W-HR


  1. Discussion of changes made to Marcive serial & monograph processing procedures. (Group)
  2. Review of the "serial within a series" guide (B.H.)
  3. Review of the creation of SERMARPEN brief records (S.P/A.R)
  4. Discussion of Marcive processing statistics being kept at LSM and ALEX (A.R./B.H.)
  5. Discussion of Mono/Serial Conflict w/Marcive records (B.H.)
  6. Developing policy for dealing with docs that come directly from an agency in different formats than depository copies. (S.P./B.H)
  7. Developing a workflow for items which are no longer distributed to the public, but for which we sporadically receive copies directly from the agency (B.H./E.C.)

Meeting called to order: 10:00 AM
Meeting adjourned: 12:00 PM

Meeting Recap

[The recorder at the end of each meeting is to recap all the decisions made, assignments and the decisions still pending and record them below].


As of December 2002 both SER NEW and SER NEW OL (Online) have been combined.
We’re working on 11/2002 now.
Dana hasn’t made use of the list of serials yet.  They aren’t ready to do so.  EC won’t delete
The list until Dana has finished with it.  In the future perhaps EC can do a sort of Dana files and send a list to Dana of only their serials.

Do we need to mark the query list? The number of not found can be very high.  
If we check the shipping list it can eliminate ½ of the missing if we have a shipping list number.
Should we keep shipping lists for longer than two years?  Serials may not have shipping list numbers, but annuals will.
We can check the GD card catalog to see if a serial was previously received.  Serials still need workflow procedures to be established.  We have more experience with monographs.  The percentage not found is much lower than with monographs.
Add information to the procedures to check for more than one format.  We may be getting cataloging records for formats that we never received.  May be scanning for 530, and 533s to see if only one issue was sent in fiche.  We may only have one issue in that format.  We need to check for what we have, not what GPO says they sent.

CD/DVD/Floppies information should be added to the procedure.  Or collapse it into one comment about all tangible formats.  If there is no other format, there will be no 776s, and only 1 362 field.

There are very few journals “born online”.  An 856 field tells you that there is an online version.

In No. 6 of the MON-NEW procedures, it is VERY important to search by keyword title.  That way most dups are caught by keyword searches.

Shipping list title can also be wrong compared with the title on the item.  The item number does load with a temporary shipping list Number.  Use “General” and item number with zeros if necessary.

To search by item number in the binoculars function, use curly brackets and 074 item number.
Here is an example of what you have to enter into the "item search" field of the "binocular" search window:


This will bring up all titles in that item number category. The 0030-A-05 is the item number.

For Congressional Hearings, the fiche can be added to the paper copy cataloging.

For Serials within a series, the first step is to look for clues it is a serial within a series, and how we have handled it in the past.  This process will be evaluated with we review the Serials within a series procedure.

The 780 can tell you if there is an old title.

If the format you have differs from the format in the catalog record, notify the appropriate cataloger.

PC, EL, BH, PC and AR will meet on this function.


  1. BH - Correct and update MON-NEW Processing Procedure.
  2. Various - Meet on Serials in a series

Next meeting date: 12/9/2003: 10:00am @ LSM Spec Coll.
Next recorder: Stephanie Bartz, Paul Cabelli

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