Minutes of June 8, 2004 meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Paul Cabelli, Bob Hosh, Elizabeth Leister, Andrew Ruggiero (Recorder/Chair)
Harriet Deceunynck, Suzanne Poslusnzy, Gracemary Smulewitz, Melody Tomasvewitz, Diane Walker


  1. Review and approve previous meeting minutes
  2. Detailed item entry for SuDocs - review of HWG decision (PC)
  3. Review of US Congressional Serial Set MARCIVE record (EL)
  4. Establishing a workflow for processing the "Changed" MARCIVE record loads (BH/All)
  5. Processing Doc backruns - establishing procedure for writing SuDocs
  6. Adding Depository microfiche MARC and detailed holdings for multiple fiche "envelopes" with the same SuDoc # (AR/BH)
  7. Review of the procedures for CSD staff sending format changes to cataloging (PC)
    • Timeline of creating control records
    • Sending the physical item or just a photocopy
  8. NBL  new GovDoc webpage review


  1. The previous meeting minutes were reviewed and approved by the group.
  2. Paul reported on the decision made at the Holdings Working Group for Units to enter the SuDoc number in the detailed holdings of an item exactly as it appears on the shipping list - according to standard structure and syntax of Sudoc call numbers.  It was noted that this will not affect the format of MARC holdings, but only the detailed items of Federal Depository records.
  3. EL brought two printouts of US Congressional Serial Set MARCIVE records, one in paper and the other for the online format.  It was decided in this case that EL will merge the two records, change the Date Cataloged date to "Today", and change the "Pending" location to "DOCLUS".  After sending notification when this is done to AR, PC and SB will meet to compose a summary MARC holding statement to account for the massive holdings available in print, microfiche, and microprint at ALEX.
  4. BH reported that there is no way to tell from the MON or SER-CNG Access files whether a "Changed" record is DONE or needs more work.  Each record must be pulled up via title keyword and checked individually to see whether processing is required.  It was noted that there is a greater chance for a record in the CNG files to already be DONE than in the NEW files.  EC, EL said workflow for the MON-CNG & AND SER-CNG will most likely be similar if not identical to the workflows already established for MON-NEW and SER-NEW & OL record loads.  AR and BH will report any differences as more time is spent processing the CNG file

    While discussing the CHG files, the topic of verifying tangible holdings for online MARCIVE serial records arose.  It was suggested that a study should be done by AR & BH to determine the % of online records that have tangible holdings in the unit libraries. AR/BH will process Jan 2004 SER-NEW & OL records with NBL in the Check Holdings column and present the % of records with tangible holdings for the next group meeting.  If it is found that there is only a small % of online records with tangible holdings it is possible in the future that the workflow for processing records with RUL status will not involve checking for physical holdings.
  5. PC reported that NBL CSD staff will be trained on how to enter SuDoc call numbers for bound periodicals and annuals that encompass a range of volumes and or years. EC pointed out the need to distinguish the difference between a "-"(dash) and a "/" (slash) and other nuances when combining volumes or years in the cutter of a  SuDoc call number.  PC will report back to the group with the draft training documentation for review.

    It was proposed by the group that NBL CSD staff only enter a summary MARC holding statement (manually entered 866) for dead titles from the SER-NEW & OL and SER-CHG files.  Because of the low meeting attendance, it was decided to table this issue for the next meeting.  This issue will also be brought to the Holdings Working Group for discussion.
  6. AR brought up the question whether NBL CSD staff should enter two detailed item lines for a single volume or year of a Depository title in fiche that is physically shelved in two fiche envelopes because of the large amount of fiche cards in that volume.  It was noted that in these incidences, the two or more envelopes of fiche all have the exact same Sudoc call #.  It was decided that because it is really the same item, only one detailed item line should be entered for it on the record.
  7. With aims to standardize the practice of sending format changes to serials (and mono) cataloging, PC brought up whether or not NBL CSD staff should create a control record before or after cataloging staff completes the format change. EL suggested that as long as there are no duplicate records already present in IRIS, it will be OK to create MARC holdings and/or a control record before the format change is completed by cataloging.  If there is a duplicate record present, it will be better to wait until the merge is completed before creating them, or to verify with cataloging which record is going to be kept. EL suggested that:
    • In the case of when a paper issue is found for a record of another format, the physical item should be sent to cataloging.
    • In the case of microfiche, a photocopy or duplication of the fiche should be sent, not the actual microfiche.
    • In the case of a CD-ROM or DVD, a photocopy of the booklet cover should be sent.
  8. Andrew provided printouts of the draft NBL Government Publications web page for group review.  Ellen requested that the master list be made available within the statistics section of the page.  
    In order to verify the nature of the links on the page, all the members of the group will access the site before the next monthly meeting and bring comments and suggestions on the links.


  1. PC will modify the existing "Blue Sheet" to include "Monograph" at the header and a check box for "set date cat date to Today"
  2. AR/BH will process all the records in Jan 2004 SER-NEW & OL with "RUL" holdings and report back to the group what % of the records had tangible holdings.  All MARCIVE serial records completed will retain their original status (NEW, D-DUP, etc) behind the status assigned after unit processing in the SER Access tables and queries. For instance,  "DONE/NEW" is an example of the status assigned to a "NEW" record that was processed in the unit.
  3. GovDocPro Group will review the links on the draft group web page and report back with comments and suggestions.
  4. PC/BH/AR will write a cheat-sheet for processing doc backruns.

Next Meeting Date July 13th at the LSM Special Collections Room - 10:00am
Next Recorder: Suzanne Posluszny
Gracemary Smulewitz

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