Minutes of July 13, 2004 meeting

Andrew Ruggiero [chair], Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Paul Cabelli, Bob Hosh, Elizabeth Leister, Suzanne Posluszny [recorder], Gracemary Smulewitz, Diane Walker
Harriet Deceunynck [retired], Melody Tomaszewicz [excused]


  1. Review and approve previous meeting minutes
  2. Review the MARCIVE MON-NEW and SER-NEW & OL unit processing flow charts (PC/GS).
  3. Review CD-ROM processing procedures at LSM/ALEX (DW)
  4. Review suggestions to the test GovDocPro website.
  5. Findings of % of Dup/Pending records of Jan 2004 SER-NEW & OL with tangible holdings at ALEX & LSM (BH/AR)
  6. Cheat sheet for labeling documents.


  1. The previous meeting minutes were reviewed, corrections made and approved by the group. Andrew will make the necessary corrections to the minutes then re-distribute them to the group.
  2. Group reviewed Holdings Management for MARCIVE MON-NEW Federal Depository Material flow chart. Andrew explained this document is a generalization of the workflow process for MON-NEW titles. Corrections were brought up through discussion and will be made to this document by Andrew and Paul.
  3. Diane reported on this issue. Apparently the CD-ROM labeling standards and procedures are being updated by the Processing Coordinator in End processing, a new section of the Bindery Focus Group now in charge of labeling. Due to this new processing change, confusion may have been caused.
  4. Group reviewed GovDocPro website with suggestions and corrections forAndrew to make. Some of the Corrections included a link from the master list to the GPO shipping lists and credit for the online sudoc tutorial.
  5. Tangible holding numbers and percentages varied at ALEX and LSM. Thegroup decided to have both locations keep statistics and review these percentages in six months.
  6. Group reviewed the cheat sheet for labeling titled Samples of SudocNumber Bound Spine Labels. Discussion varied as to what the sudoc call number represented in a bindable unit and to how this document would bebest represented.


  1. Checking for number of tangible format holdings will be discussed in six months.


  1. AR/PC will make corrections to the Holdings Management for MARCIVE MON-NEW Federal Depository Material flow chart as discussed at the meeting.
  2. PC will make corrections to the MARCIVE Established Guideline for Unit Processing of Duplicate Records as discussed at the meeting
  3. AR will update GovDocPro website with corrections discussed at meeting.
  4. Bib/Cat Focus Group will review serial holdings statements for titles not paid for and not included in the Serial Holdings Inventory Project.

Next meeting September 15, 2004
Next recorder: Gracemary Smulewitz
Back up recorder: Melody Tomaszewicz

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