Minutes of November 9, 2004 meeting

Stephanie Bartz (Recorder), Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Bob Hosh, Jamie Maguire (Guest), Andrew Ruggiero (Chair), Gracemary Smulewitz, Melody Tomaszewicz, Diane Walker ]
Elizabeth Leister, Suzanne Posluszny


  1. Review and approve September and October meeting minutes
  2. Review SuDoc Training guide
  3. Review Serial in a Series documentation
  4. Addition of DOCUS-MAP as a X-holding code for ALEX and, if needed, LSM
  5. Additions and changes to the GovDocPro Webpage


  1. The minutes of the September 15, 2004 and the October 12, 2004 meetings were reviewed and corrected.
  2. The SuDoc guide drafted by EC was reviewed and discussed at some length. Jamie Maguire was invited to join the group for the discussion on labeling practices. Additional examples and other changes to the sections on labeling will be incorporated into a revised version of the document.
  3. The Serial within a Series Guidelines were reviewed and suggestions for improvement were made. Section IV on Amending SuDoc classification numbers will be reviewed by a smaller group that will make recommendations on how numbered series and bound withs should be reflected in MARC holdings and item lines.
  4. An X-holding code for DOCUS-MAP titles (maps that are cataloged as serials and that have SuDoc numbers) is needed in order for item holdings to display correctly in IRIS.
  5. An index of GovDocPros agendas has been added to the web site. MON-CNG and SER-CNG statistics have been uploaded


  1. MT will attend Government Documents Processing Team meetings only when warranted by an agenda item.
  2. When there’s a breaking slash in a SuDoc number label, the slash will appear at the beginning of the line (inside the margin) for both Alex and LSM.
  3. All SuDoc number labels should be left justified with punctuation outside the margin.


  1. AR – Revise and post minutes from the September and October meetings.
  2. EC – Revise SuDoc guide
  3. BH – Revise Serial within a Series Guidelines
  4. MT/PC/BH/GS – Review Section IV of the Serial within a Series Guidelines and make recommendations on how numbered series and bound withs should be reflected in MARC holdings and item lines.
  5. PC – Contact Bob Warwick and request the addition of an X-holding code for DOCUS-MAP for Alex, LSM and Dana.

Next meeting, December 14, 2004, 10:00 a.m., LSM
Next recorder: Ellen Calhoun
[Backup recorder: Bob Hosh]

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