Minutes of June 14, 2005 meeting

S. Bartz; P. Cabelli (Acting Chair; co-recorder); E. Calhoun; R. Hosh; E. Leister; S. Posluszny; G. Smulewitz, D.Walker (co-recorder)
C. Swanzer


  1. Review and approve previous meeting minutes
  2. Charge to Missing" MARCIVE procedure question (BH,EC)
  3. Continue our review of US Depository Processing


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting were briefly discussed, and suggested revisions will be given to the recorder.
  2. Charge to Missing MARCIVE procedure question (BH,EC) – A discussion ensued regarding how and when the unit staff is using the ‘shadowed’ and ‘missing’ designation for MARCIVE material still not found after a power search. Various options were put forth for dealing with these temporary situations, including leaving the date cataloged as NEVER, leaving some items as DOCUS-PENDING, adding a staff note, etc. B. Hosh agreed to look into this matter, explore possible solutions, and report back to the group. Once a decision is made, the MON-NEW and SER-NEW processing procedures will be revised accordingly.
  3. Continue our review of US Depository Processing – this topic was shelved until the next meeting
  4. MARCIVE load Bound-With processing - staff members wanted to know if it was necessary, and if so how, to indicate on the holdings record that a possible bound-with volume was being sent to DBM for cat treatment. These types of volumes might contain a mixture of MARCIVE, IRIS, and uncataloged monographs and serial titles. It was suggested that editing the MARCIVE DOCUS-PENDING item to In-Process was one way of indicating that the volume was no longer at Collection Services, and was on its way to TSB. However, since it wasn’t clear who uses In-Process and under what conditions in RUL, it was decided to bring this item up for discussion at the next TSCWG – Holdings meeting. In the interim, bound-with material would continue to be sent to DBM as usual.
  5. Transmittals – it was decided that the unit staff needed to formalize the procedure for processing transmittals.
  6. Dana teleconferencing – It was decided to include the Documents Processing staff member in the gov docs meetings. G. Smulewitz agreed to look into this matter.


  1. Until otherwise directed, ‘Bound-with’ MARCIVE material will continue to be sent to DBM without any change in holdings location


  1. B. Hosh will investigate shadowed and missing alternative procedures for MARCIVE load material
  2. G. Smulewitz will contact the documents librarian at DANA about future representation in this group
  3. Unit processing staff will write up transmittal processing procedures


  1. Continuation of review of US Depository processing procedures.

Next meeting: July 12 at Alexander Library
Time: 10:00 am
Next recorder: Stephanie Bartz
Back up recorder: Ellen Calhoun

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/gov_docs_processing/minutes/gov_docs_processing_05-06-14.shtml
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