Minutes of October 11, 2005 meeting

[Chair] Paul Cabelli [Recorder] Ellen Calhoun, Bob Hosh, Suzanne Posluszny, Stephanie Bartz, Diane Walker, Elsa Alves, Gracemary Smulewitz, Elizabeth Leister


  1. Review and approve previous meeting minutes.
  2. Discuss map processing.
  3. Review transmittal processing.
  4. Discuss MARCIVE SLS records that were never overlaid for cataloging.
  5. Quirks of LSM depository shipments.

Meeting Recap

1. The August minutes were approved with corrections. The next two agendas will include a discussion of the revisions to the processing procedures for serial and monograph records. We will look at “charge to missing” in context of mono procedures.

List serv owner is Stephanie Bartz. Second owner is Gracemary Smulewitz.

Gracemary announced that the Technical Services Core Working Group has been charged to develop an FAQ for staff resources page. She will coordinate with WAC, who is developing a site index, and Laura Mullen who is developing a selectors toolkit.

2. Ellen shared copies of a survey done in 1982 of map holdings in the RU libraries. The toposnew database is used to support public access to the LSM collection, in lieu of MARCIVE records for items 0619-M-01/53. It can be accessed from the SCC server, see:

The current edition of the map processing manual is on the LSM T: drive. The finished revised manual will be discussed at a future meeting, and items needing standardization brought to TSCWG. The manual is being revised to include information relevant to MARCIVE and cataloging processes, in addition to the filing information already included.

3. Transmitttal discussion was postponed until the December meeting. Paul will distribute a draft before the meeting of discussions based on ALEX titles.

4. We will continue to review pending reports following past practice. Remember to check with Elsa about DANA holdings before deleting a MARCIVE record with date cat=NEVER, not received at ALEX or LSM. And speaking of pending, Elizabeth asked for guidance about the duplicate serials lists. Emphasis should be given to the new tables, and we will catch up with the new before continuing with the changed serial lists. The serials team has finished the huge April 2003 lists.

5. Bob did a test run of LSM depository shipments. We need guidelines for LSM materials that are treated differently. We are still exploring best practice for handling shipments, and the question of whether to process in one location is still pending.


We will use autogenerated barcodes for maps in non-circulating collections. This includes MAP, DOC-MAP, DOCUS-MAP, and REF. The barcode will be written on the piece only if it includes accompanying material.

Public notes have been sanctioned for accompanying material only. They should not be used for shelving directives. The 852 statements used for maps filed in locations other than their call numbers will not include the subloc and call number. The note will say:

Shelved in reference area by map type and series number; or

Shelved in reference area by map type and geographic area.


PC, BH, MT: Paul, Bob, and Melody will meet to discuss the use of the 852 as a shelving directive to the public.

GS?: Gracemary will look into how statistics are kept for cartographic materials.

EC: Ellen will continue to revise the map procedures manual.

BH, PC: Bob and Paul will continue to explore issues regarding processing of depository shipments


Charge to missing in context of mono procedures. Revisions to MARCIVE procedures. Transmittal discussion.

Next meeting date: December 13, 2005
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: LSM
Next recorder: Elizabeth Leister
Backup recorder: Suzanne Posluszny

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/gov_docs_processing/minutes/gov_docs_processing_05-10-11.shtml
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