Minutes of September 11, 2007 meeting

Elsa Alves (DANA video), Stephanie Bartz, Paul Cabelli (recorder), Ellen Calhoun, Colin Liebtag, Bob Hosh, Elizabeth Leister, Gracemary Smulewitz, Neera Sondhi, Diane Walker


  1. Review of the July meeting minutes.
  2. Review of the August meeting minutes.
  3. Review of updated Marcive Load Serials Processing Procedures.
  4. Discussion of record formats for Y 4 documents.
  5. A review and discussion of procedures for transmittal processing.


  1. Review of the July meeting minutes – approved with corrections.
  2. Review of the August meeting minutes – approved with corrections.
  3. Serials Processing Procedures – Bob will incorporate the suggested additional material and resend the procedures to the group.
  4. Record formats for Y 4 documents – the documents (hearings, committee prints, etc.) are received in fiche, but the fully cataloged records are loaded and retained in print record format. For those Y4 titles where we don’t have any tangible holdings, but do have online access, it was suggested that we also leave the root record as print format. Elizabeth will consult with Rhonda Marker about our suggestion.
  5. Transmittals – The draft transmittal processing document was briefly reviewed. The focus of the draft was on processing procedures at Alex and LSM. It was suggested hat the focus should be enlarged to include other RUL units. Paul, Bob, Neera, and Elsa were assigned the task of revising the document.
  6. Other discussion topics –
    1. There was a suggestion that we standardize the various gov doc vendors in SIRSI that we use for claiming purposes. This topic will be brought to DTS to investigate and resolve.
    2. The group discussed the advisability of using FEDDOCSCAT for all correspondence concerning US depository matters. Despite some concern about excessive email, it was decided that for most correspondence we could change the subject line in any FEDDOCSCAT message to refer to a specific person so that others may not be bothered to read it.


  1. Utilize FEDDOCSCAT for all US Depository correspondence by using an issue specific subject line in all emails


  1. Bob - will update the Marcive Load serials processing procedures and resend them to the group
  2. Elizabeth - will consult with Rhonda Marker about root record exception for Y4 electronic titles [Note: Rhonda has agreed with our suggestion]
  3. Paul, Bob, Neera, Elsa – will revise the US Depository Transmittal Processing Procedures document

Next meeting: October 9, Alex Pane Room, 10:00 am
Next recorder: Stephanie Bartz
Back up recorder: Ellen Calhoun

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/gov_docs_processing/minutes/gov_docs_processing_07-09-11.shtml
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