Minutes of December 11, 2007 meeting

Bob Hosh (chair), Gracemary Smulewitz, Katrina Zwaaf, Diane Walker, Clotilde Twagiramariya, Neera Sondhi, Colin Liebtag, Melody Tomaszewicz (guest), Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun (recorder), Andrea Lakios (remote), Elizabeth Leister, Paul Cabelli
Elsa Alves

Meeting was called to order at 10:10 with introductions and a brief overview of team responsibilities. Group focus is on federal documents and the MARCIVE process, but also other documents. Meetings are held monthly, in the Pane Room of Alexander Library.

Minutes of November meeting were approved with minor corrections. Questions raised during review of minutes included: who is handling what in TAS, especially unit receipts? Do we need root records for monographs that also have online access? What about bib records for NJ depository online documents?

Bound withs in IRIS - Melody has discovered that it is a little easier in J client, though still complicated, to add multiple children from multiple parents on one bib record. This could be a way to control monographic series with multiple serial titles in one bound volume. A group comprised of Melody, Elizabeth, Ellen, Stephanie, Paul and Chris Sterback will convene to discuss the relative merits of the process and look at the options. Melody will chair. See "Foreign ownership of U.S. agricultural land" as an example. XX call numbers for children can be edited, but this does not display in webcat. We need better functionality in bound withs from SIRSI.

Bob gave updates on status of serial new and online tables. Group agreed he should update the existing MARCIVE lists spreadsheets to include this pre-2005 data. For monographs, Stephanie estimates there are 13 queries for LSM and 40 queries for Alex that are not done. It was agreed that the MON_NEW and MON_CNG stat sheets should be updated to include a column "sent to TAS", to be Y if so. Comments column will explain if we are waiting for a root record. Workflow in the units needs adjustment. Paul questioned if we need to keep stats on the NBL page, since they have not been updated regularly and the spreadsheets do this job. Gracemary asked if it would be beneficial to establish a SAKAI site for MARCIVE processing.

New Jersey depository processing - Clotilde is now handling this at ALEX. The New Jersey cataloging document would be useful for background information, and should be linked to the shipping procedures.The annotated shipping list is retained for the collection and checked in. Need to notify Roman and/or Elizabeth to include serials on the batch report. Paul will revise the "New Jersey Depository Shipments Procedures" with changes suggested in the meeting. Also, procedures should be dated and initialed.

Next meeting will be January 8, 2008.

Secretary: Hosh, Leister

Meeting adjourned 12:05.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/gov_docs_processing/minutes/gov_docs_processing_07-12-11.shtml
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