Minutes of August 12, 2008 meeting

S. Bartz, B. Bejarano, P. Cabelli, B.Hosh, E. Leister, A. Lakios (Videoconferenced), N. Sondhi, G. Smulewitz, D. Walker, K. Zwaaf, and Wen-Hua Ren and C. Twagiramariya (Recorder)
E. Calhoun, E. Alves


  1. 1. Review of the July 2008 Meeting Minutes.
  2. Review and discussion on how the revised Item Type changes in IRIS affects our workflow and what changes in Workflow procedures need to be made and documented.

1. Review and approval of July 2008 minutes

The minutes of the July 16, 2008 meeting were reviewed and changes were suggested.
Gracemary will edit the minutes and send them to Yasu Denda for posting on the Government Documents Web Page.

2. Impact of the new Item Type changes on Workflow Procedures

2.1 Charged items:

With the new Item type, we now work in a charged environment.

2.2 Maps and Atlases already in the system:

A question was raised for Maps and Atlases already in the system as some of them are "non-circulating" and others are "circulating". A follow-up is needed to fix the Item Type accordingly after review of which ones are circulating and which ones are not circulating both at ALEX and LSM.

2.3 New Item Type needed:

In case a new Item Type or new Holding Code is needed, Paul Cabelli, the Bibliographic Records Management Coordinator at ALEX, is the person to contact to get a new one. And when changing an Item Type for one library, it was suggested that it be done for all libraries. However, leave the circulation status as it is unless you are sure of the status for that specific library.

2.4 CDs and DVDs:

It was noticed that CDs and DVDs have sometimes been added to the same record. This situation is really a format change and should be brought to the attention of the Bibliographic Records Management Coordinator.

It was also suggested that the Receiving Coordinator notifies all the receivers to pay attention to those details.

2.5 Questions raised:


Paul Cabelli mentioned those situations where serials runs may not have a uniform Item Type because the frequency may have changed from "periodicals" to "annuals". In cases like these, selectors are to be contacted for circulating status purposes.


Elizabeth Leister will do inquiry and get back to the group about the problem of Maps and Atlases; how to retrieve a map-record and determine if it circulates or not.

Next Meeting: September 09, 2008
Next Recorder: S. Bartz;
Back-up Recorder: B. Bejarano

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