Minutes of August 9, 2011 meeting

Stephanie Bartz (recorder), Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Bob Hosh, Yoshiko Ishii (remote), Andrea Lakios (remote), Elizabeth Leister, Neera Sondhi, Katrina Zwaaf
Bill Bejarano, Wen-Hua Ren, Gracemary Smulewitz


  1. Review of the May 10, 2011 meeting minutes
  2. Discussion of changes to DWS-MON load procedures
  3. Topics from the floor

1. Minutes

The minutes of the May 10, 2011 meeting were reviewed and amended. Katrina will send a revised version to the mailing list.

2. Discussion of changes to DWS-MON load procedures

3. Topics from the floor

  1. MONNEWPEN records - Bob Warwick is producing a monthly report and Elizabeth and Stephanie have begun to work through some of the records. The August report (records created before May 1, 2011) includes 321 records. The earliest records are for boundwith titles and date back to February 2007. The current concentration is on cleaning up records that are not boundwiths, although some boundwiths are being cleaned up in the process. DTS staff are asked to make sure that any boundwith parent or children records that they work with are properly connected.

    The change in DWS-MON load procedures has effectively eliminated the step that sets MONNEWPEN records to be overlaid when full records are loaded. These items will now be caught by Elizabeth, Ellen, or Stephanie in the general MONNEWPEN workflow.
  2. Never/Pending/SLS - Bob Warwick has been catching up on the generation of reports that identify old MARCIVE records that still have a cat date of Never, still have a PENDING item, or that are still SLS records. Ellen and Stephanie will continue to work through these as time permits. Items that need cataloging can be referred to Elizabeth via email; physical items or additional information can then be sent upon request.
  3. Processing at Dana - DWS processing at Dana is proceeding smoothly. No major problems have arisen.
  4. NBL items sent to Dana - Several times in recent months NBL depository serials have been checked in and sent to Dana in spite of being stamped as being owned by New Brunswick. The first instance was an Alex Federal depository item, English Teaching Forum; the most recent an LSM NJ depository item, Annual report of the State Mosquito Control Commission of the State of New Jersey. Unless there is already an existing note in the extended information to indicate that an item should be forwarded to Dana, no New Brunswick depository material should be sent on unless both Ellen or Stephanie and Wen-Hua Ren have been consulted.
  5. Serials cataloging - Steve Zahorbenski has made great progress on both DWS-SER reports and older SER-CNG records in the review file. There are more records left than can be explained by the remaining reports, so there may be old problems lingering that should have been cleaned up previously.
  6. LSM serials - 2003 SER-CNG reports for LSM are almost complete.

Next meeting, November 8, 10:00 a.m., Pane Room, Alexander Library
Next recorder: Gracemary Smulewitz [Backup recorder: Bill Bejarano]

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