Minutes of April 13, 2000 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Mary Fetzer, Harriette Hemmasi, Rhonda Marker, Wen-Hua Ren
  1. This being the first meeting since the Committee's formal inception, a vote was taken to decide on a Committee Chair. Wen was elected by unanimous vote.
  1. The "Networked Resources: Addition of Electronic Access to 'Free' Resources Form" was reviewed and discussed. As a result of the discussion, the form will be revised to make it more documents-friendly.

    All requests for cataloging of electronic resources, including serials for which another format is being cataloged, should be submitted via this form. The Selector should verify page content for each electronic resource before submitting a form.

    Once cataloging of an electronic resource has been completed, Harriette will notify the Selector via e-mail. When Selectors outside the GPC ask to have a government electronic resource cataloged, Harriette will send notification to the GPC as well as the Selector when cataloging has been completed.

  1. There was a brief discussion of the 1991 "Task Force on GPO Tape Loads Final Report and Recommendations." In general, the Committee is interested in pursuing the topic, but a basic outline of the ramifications and required changes in current procedures is needed to determine feasibility. Further discussion was postponed until the next meeting.
  1. Statistical Universe does not currently display any meaningful information in the "Locate A Copy Of This Publication In Your Library" link that appears on each record. Mary drafted a suggested text to provide a more useful message for Rutgers users. Based on suggestions from the Committee, Mary will revise the draft and forward it to Harriette and to Jeanne Boyle for approval and implementation.
  1. There is currently no sublocation specific to oversized documents in the DOC collections at Alex and LSM. Ellen recommended, and the Committee agreed, that a new DOC-FOLIO sublocation be created. Rhonda will arrange for the sublocation to be added; DOC-FOLIO will be designated a circulating collection, and will be used to specify materials that are 33" or larger.
    Additional changes will be made to the Authorized Subcollections lists for Alex and LSM as follows:

    DOCUS - will be changed to a circulating collection
    DOCLAW - will be changed to a non-circulating collection
    DOCLNJ - will be changed to a non-circulating collection
    DOCLUS - will be changed to a non-circulating collection

  1. CIS has a new version of the U.S. Government Periodicals Index available online. After some discussion of features and coverage, the GPC endorsed the recommendation of GPI as a networked resource. Mary will include the endorsement when she presents the recommendation for purchase to the Social Sciences Subgroup of NBCG.

Next meeting: June 16, 2000, 2:00 pm at Alexander. Room to be announced.

Recorder, Stephanie Bartz

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