Minutes of October 3, 2000 Meeting

Mary Fetzer; Rhonda Marker; Stephanie Bartz; Ellen Calhoun
Wen-Hua Ren

Mary Fetzer chaired the meeting on behalf of Wen, who was out sick.
Minutes of the 7/19 meeting were approved.

  1. The NJ Historical Commission is accepting grant proposals for ongoing support and operating expenses related to NJ history. Special Collections is working on a proposal, and Rhonda has been asked by Ron Becker for a cost analysis for cataloging New Jersey Documents. Mary Fetzer will contact Ron to discuss the idea of including recon for the STATE NJ collection in the SPCOL proposal.
  2. Recon for federal depository documents was discussed. Rhonda and Ellen agreed to work on a proposal to present to the Technical Services Council for a GPO tape load. Focus will be on "linking to holdings" in RUL.
  3. GPO's letter to directors, and several of the responses on GOVDOC-L were reviewed. Mary will draft a letter of response on behalf of the Committee, outlining issues of concern for RUL, including acquisitions, electronic access, formats still in print (esp. maps), need for additional staff with higher level skills, etc.
  4. Discussed the need for educational seminars for documents. Topics identified so far include: patents, UN, Congressional, census, maps. Mary will talk with MCW to see if appending a program to a RUL faculty meeting is possible.

Next meeting is scheduled for 11/28 at 2:00 pm in TSB conference room.

Submitted 10/4/00
E. Calhoun, secretary per diem

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