Minutes of November 28, 2000 Meeting

S. Bartz, E. Calhoun, M. Fetzer, R. Marker, W. Ren (chair)

Minutes of the October 3, 2000 meeting were approved as amended. Amendments included correcting the date of the meeting and two typos. W. Ren thanked Fetzer for chairing previous meeting.

Grant for cataloging old NJ documents: M. Fetzer reported that she and S. Bartz attended the grants workshop sponsored by the NJ Historical Commission one evening. Deadlines for applying for General Operating Support grants are as follows:

Declaration of Intent: January 15, 2001
Application: February 15, 2001
Notification of Award: May 15, 2001

She also contacted R. Becker regarding the possibility of folding our proposal into their application; he responded that we might be able to fold it into their February GOS request. Rhonda, Wen, and Mary will attempt to meet with Ron soon to discuss the possibility. M. Fetzer and E. Calhoun are interested in cataloging of the pre-1984 materials; R. Marker also interested in obtaining money for cataloging already being done. Cataloging request for pre-1984 New Jersey documents would be for state documents at this point (i.e. not county, municipal).

Proposal for GPO Tape Load: E. Calhoun and R. Marker asked to table to next meeting. Discussion of recent conference convened at Library of Congress on role of the catalog, and of problem of keeping track of government information as it becomes more fluid.

Question also posed by Fetzer regarding cataloging of documents that have circulated. She has not seen any referrals from Access Services/Collection Services for a very long time. Will question whether procedures have broken down.

Letter regarding GPO: No comments have been received from University Librarian or Directors to whom we sent our letter rebutting GPO's Letter to Directors. We will hope that our comments regarding continued needs have been appropriately heard.

Educational Seminars for RUL Librarians: Fetzer gave brief report on Federal Depository Library Conference. Mood was basically pessimistic given budget cuts at GPO; bright spot was number of younger depository librarians with enthusiasm to move forward and articulately carry forth messages regarding library/user needs regarding government information. Calhoun indicated that at the PTO conference the need for PTO depositories/librarians was reinforced because, despite the online environment, the material that is online is often difficult to comprehend.

Proposal that Government Publications Committee sponsor a program to educate our own librarians regarding online government information and when/where to refer users to specific libraries for expertise and/or print resources was discussed further. Following last GPC meeting, Fetzer submitted proposal to M. Wilson that GPC librarians conduct a workshop on various areas of government information after an RUL faculty meeting (in order to cut travel time for librarians from Camden/Newark). Wilson reported that after meeting with University Librarian and deputy faculty coordinator, decision was made that they preferred to reserve after-meeting agenda for programs on more "macro trends/topics taking place either in theory or practice in our or allied professions."

GPC librarians would be willing to contribute the agenda and substance for a workshop, but decided to table the matter since a separate workshop would now require scheduling, invitations/rsvps, and other details which it was felt would be more appropriate for a person in a training position to coordinate.

Other Business/Information Exchange:

Discussion of World News Connection and ability to access through IRIS. Appears to be a Camden campus purchase, but is cataloged-which sets a precedent for getting Autographics cataloged. Further investigation needed. Question also of how items get added under Indexes. Have to request to have items added under Indexes and goes through WAC. Since J. Boyle wants to get group together to review forms, R. Marker will ask to have a line added to form allowing that a proposed item to be requested to be put up under Indexes. E. Calhoun feels DOE Information Bridge should be placed under Indexes.

Discussion ensued regarding document series that are sent for cataloging. Necessary to indicate to Cataloging when we wish to have materials cataloged CAT/SET/A, since otherwise they will follow LC practice-which is normally to class items in series separately. Both Fetzer and Calhoun generally prefer to have materials cataloged CAT/SET/A. Fetzer will talk to J. Ritter.

Calhoun noted that documents staff at LSM are now housed on the third floor, but phone lines have not yet been moved.

Entered into record but not mentioned at meeting: Fetzer and Bartz met with Marker, Smulewitz, and Cabelli recently and agreed to establish a numbering scheme for future document microfiche/microfilms that are cataloged in order to parallel the system used by Current Periodicals/Microforms Department. Fetzer recommended leaving 1-4999 for non-document materials housed downstairs and to begin with #6000 for new items cataloged. Will reserve #5000-5999 for documents that might be converted at some later point. Marker will check into use of DOC M/fiche and DOC M/film as sublocations. System will allow for greater specificity in locating/filing materials in future.

Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 23, 10:00 a.m. at TSB.

Meeting adjourned 4:00 p.m.

Secretary per diem
29 November 2000

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