Minutes of January 23, 2001 Meeting

Wen-Hua Ren, Stephanie Bartz, Ellen Calhoun, Mary Fetzer, Rhonda Marker
  1. Grant for cataloging old NJ documents: Mary sent Ron a description of the collections that need to be cataloged. She estimated that there are between 6,000 and 7,000 items. Rhonda had Steve Perrotta, who currently catalogs New Jersey depository documents, search a representative selection of Alex shelf list cards in IRIS, RLIN, and OCLC. Based on that, she needs to send Ron some cost estimates. It was suggested that we also analyze the LSM shelf list, as the results might be different than for the Alex selection.
  2. Proposal for GPO tape load: Ellen and Rhonda reported that there does not appear to be widespread support for purchasing records for depository documents. They recommended behind-the-scenes support-building before bringing this up for funding.
  3. Cataloging of circulated documents: The Committee had a general discussion about the workflow of unbarcoded, circulated documents and whether it was working. There is some indication that documents are not routinely being set aside for review by government publications librarians before they are sent for cataloging.

    The Committee also inquired into the status of a report was done by Systems in the fall of 1999 on New Jersey and U.S. documents that are cataloged for Newark, Camden, or some other library but not for Alex or LSM. Rhonda will follow up to see what it reported, and if another copy of it is available.

  4. Request form (adding items on Indexes list): Independently, a process has been worked out in the Networked Resources workflow whereby indexes and databases newly cataloged will be added to the Indexes and Databases list on the RUL web page. Also, indexes listed there that have not yet been cataloged (there were only 13 as of mid-January) are being added to IRIS.>
  5. Information exchange: Mary reported that she submitted the proposal for acquisition of Government Periodical Universe to the Generalist Team for Networked Electronic Resources, and the proposal then went to Collection Development Council. A Council member suggested that GPU overlapped Lexis-Nexis and the purchase was denied. Mary studied the holdings of each, however, and found only 8 out of 238 GPU titles were in Lexis-Nexis. Mary will submit her findings and ask that it be reconsidered.
  6. Next meeting date and location: March 15, 2-4 p.m., TSB Conference Room.

Rhonda J. Marker
February 16, 2001

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