Minutes of May 31, 2001 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Mary Fetzer, Rhonda Marker, Wen-Hua Ren (chair)

1. Minutes of the March 15, 2001 meeting were approved with no corrections.

2. a. Grant for cataloging old NJ documents

GPC's request for funding to catalog old New Jersey documents, which was included in the Special Collection/University Archives grant application to the New Jersey Historical Commission for General Operating Support, was not granted. SC/UA received some funds for other activities but not for this. We will pursue other grant opportunities with NJHC (see below).

2. b. GPU: Local holding information, RUL web listing; records in IRIS

Government Periodicals Universe is now on the Forthcoming Indexes and Databases web page, and a catalog record for it is in IRIS. GPC would like to have each of the full text periodicals in this package cataloged in IRIS. Wen will list the titles with their URLs, and check them to make sure they are correct. She will send this list to Stephanie, who will add PURLs to this list if there are any. [Someone] will submit the online form to request that these URLs/PURLs are added. Mary will find out if CIS provides MARC records for the full text periodicals on GPU and request for revision of the page for local holding information.

2. c. Systems report: Cataloged documents not for Alex & LSM

The previous report that was run cannot be found. It is possible to run the report again, but it must be done by a Systems person who has had API training, and right now there is only one person on staff who can do this. Rhonda agreed to prod Systems to run this report for us.

2. d. Electronic databases: AccessUN; SourceOECD

AccessUN is on the regular Indexes and Databases web page, and is cataloged. The problems with it seem to have been fixed. SourceOECD is on the Forthcoming page, and has also been cataloged. Mary will send a description to Theo Haynes, who will arrange for it to be moved to the regular Indexes and Databases web page.

3. a. Mini grant proposal for cataloging old NJ documents

Mary and Rhonda will meet this summer to write a grant proposal to the NJHC for a mini-grant (up to $3,000) to do work towards cataloging old NJ documents. We also would like to submit a grant proposal to NJHC for a cataloging project ($15,000-$20,000) to catalog the old NJ documents. SC/UA will not be seeking a project grant for FY 2002/2003, so we would target that timeframe.

Mary mentioned the possibility of including government document microfiche in the processing of silver nitrate microfiche for which SC/UA received funding from NJHC. She will consult with Ellen and respond to Jeanne Boyle=s query on this subject.

3. b. List of circulating items for TAS: Tabled until the next meeting when Ellen can speak to it.

4. Other

Mary asked about cataloging the full text law reviews on Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe. Neither Bob Sewell or a selector has submitted the online form to request that this package of full text periodicals be added. The Libraries are evaluating a competitor package, and the request will probably not be made until a decision has been reached to stay with the current package or to license another package.

Rhonda reported on discussions in Technical Services Council and Public Services Council of a proposal to load separate catalog records for large e-journal packages. If we decided to do this, we would apply the Aseparate record for each format (i.e., print, electronic, etc.)@ decision to all cataloged e- resources. There are cost issues which favor loading separate records. GPC expressed concerns that the non-expert user will not be able to tell that the Libraries have a title in more than one format if the information about all formats is not on each record.

5. Next meeting date and location: August 28 (10 a.m.), TSB Conference Room.

Submitted by Rhonda Marker

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