Marcive Load Work Group
Minutes of June 25, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Harriet DeCeunynck, Elizabeth Leister, Bob Warwick
Gracemary Smulewitz, Rhonda Marker, Wen-Hua Ren

Full Bib records for Monographs:

Discussed non overlays of SLS records have a different tmp #. Several possibilities combined formats MF/paper, or actually duplicates. Harriet is following up moving holdings to the full record (for all libraries with holdings).

Stephanie will look into producing a separate file for DANA selections to query for them to check for holdings of monographs.

Bob Warwick will load the mono-new-online files for Aug/Sept/Oct : 132, 72, and 108 records. Total 312. Harriet will check for merges and duplicates.

All monograph load processing looks for created by Marcive . Created by Marcive is not an issue for serial loads (except for changed serials online) we are keeping RUL existing records as preference. This is a workflow issue Elizabeth would need to move control and holdings info before we could accept the Marcive record. Its easier to just move the needed fields from Marcive to the RUL bib record.

NOTE: The OCLC number will be the control number to link to RUL holdings, so we will keep just one 035 field in the IRIS record. Elizabeth will keep the 035 for paper if possible; fiche 2nd choice; electronic next choice. The 978 field will be updated with the additional OCLC numbers for serials as an aid in identifying merged formats.

A change in format necessitates a modification in the bib record. Elizabeth will handle serials; Harriet will do monographs.

If a serial ceases in paper and is only available online, 780/785 fields are needed treat as a title change. Basic assumption is that print continues, unless there is a clear and definite statement that it does not.

Bob is still investigating why the report numbers from the Dec/Jan ser cng files did not match the load numbers.

Bob will load the Feb/Mar changed serials and changed serials online files 50 and 83; and 20 and 24 records. Total 177. April ser cng files are huge 2164 and 846 , so will be done separately after that.

Gracemary will distribute the flowchart she is working on.

Agreed to look at the SERMARPEN 500 notes after the April changed serials are loaded. Question remains about updates posted in ANTS. 856 PURLS are probably updated in the changed records; but we are not sure about class changes.

Submitted 8/8/03
E. Calhoun, secretary per diem

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