Marcive Load Work Group
Minutes of August 21, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Elizabeth Leister (recorder), Rhonda Marker, Wen-Hua Ren, Bob Warwick
Harriet DeCeunynck, Gracemary Smulewitz

Discussion of June minutes: Ellen will add conclusions from discussion to June minutes and post to Feddocscat list.

Problem sets:

A) Background notes: GPO preference is to treat as monographs. As these are continuously updated, they are actually integrating resources. Alex retains most recent paper copy. Four serial records have been supplied by Marcive. Decision: Staff can change status of monographic background notes to “approved.” Serial records will have to be changed to monographs. If DANA or ALEX withdraws the last copy in the system, the record should be forwarded to Database Management.

B) CIA maps: Alex retains only most recent maps in the vertical file (with the exception of the World political map – all retained). Dana retains all CIA maps. Problem: we will have record after record and inaccurate OCLC and RLIN holdings if we only retain most recent. Recommendations: Keep all maps and change location to DOCREF or DOCUSMAP. Stephanie will talk to Mary Fetzer about changing location and retention policy. Addendum 9/17: ALEX will be retaining all CIA maps, filed by SUDOC , sublocation DOCUS-MAP.

C) Superseded editions: General recommendation: To be decided case-by-case. Sometimes all editions can be retained to minimize record management, but for large volumes, space issue (i.e., lack thereof) may override record management concerns.

D) Y 1: Shipping list records and full records are for preprints. Preprints are replaced by bound Serial Set volumes, or will be bound to look like Serial Set volumes. Problem can be dealt with using slip law procedures.

E) Y 4: Y 4s are selected in fiche. Shipping list records are provided for fiche, but full records are for print. Main concern: Sls will never be overlaid by full records. The group agreed to consider de-selecting shipping list records for Y 4. Deferred to workflow analysis: holding on to fiche without a record while waiting for the full record. Addendum 9/17: Shipping list records for Y 4s will be removed from the Marcive profile. Alex will file fiche as they arrive, but keep photocopies that can be discarded as full records arrive and are marked as IN LIBRARY.

F) Serials within series: Problem: tracking holdings at units; deferred as a Holdings Group issue.

Normalizing the load schedule:

Bob reported that loads are only current for authority records, ser-new and ser-new-online and that all are routinized. Ellen would like a schedule for routinizing all loads, but there are workflow and staffing issues for Collection Services. The issue of whether or not to barcode items other than those which come with shipping list records (i.e. items for which we receive a full catalog record without a previous shipping list record) was discussed at length. It was decided that Gracemary’s input was needed as this is an issue for the units.


mon/new: Cataloging will not review; RU-ONLINE added in the load for titles with 856s; we will run a report to find tmp records that have not been overlaid 8 months after they were loaded.
mon/change: review
mon/change/online: ?
ser/change and ser/change online: EL to determine appropriate fields to compare serial records in general: strip out temp numbers in load process

To be determined:

Who will change date cataloged for mon/new/online records Barcoding of items without shipping list records

Workflow analysis

Analyzing our workflow came up tangentially throughout the group’s discussions. Gracemary is already working on this, but our workflow is still a work in progress.

Decision: Prior to next meeting, read over Gracemary’s workflow for Marcive record management. Discuss at September meeting whether workflow analysis should be a group project.

New issues:

Sermarpen: take to Documents Processing Group to resolve issue of adding MARC holdings and serials control to these records.

Marcive subscription renewed for 1 year. Agreed to request a new copy of our profile in October.

Meetings set for the 3rd Thursday of the month at 10:00 for the balance of this semester. Scheduled meetings: Sept. 18, Oct. 16, Nov. 20, Dec. 18.

Submitted 9/18/03
Elizabeth Leister

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