Marcive Load Work Group
Minutes of September 18, 2003 Meeting

Stephanie Bartz, Paul Cabelli, Ellen Calhoun, Harriet De Ceunynck, Elizabeth Leister, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Gracemary Smulewitz, Bob Warwickk
Wen-Hua Ren

The minutes of the August meeting were approved with minor revisions.
[They have been posted to the Government Publications Committee web page.]

Status of newly loaded categories of records:

Bob distributed a new Marcive Loads summary (9/17/03)

MON-NEW-OL: No unit review is necessary for these records. Harriet and Bob will work out a load schedule that suits them.

MON-CNG and MON-CNG-OL: The bulk of the changes to these records are to add fields. There is no need for unit review; there are only bibliographic changes. Harriet and Bob will work out a load schedule that suits them. Harriet will mark the Review records as Approve or Delete. For Approve records, Harriet will change the 001 field to the Title Control Number of the target record in IRIS that the changed record should overlay. The cataloger will check also to make sure that we do not overlay an existing print/mf/ol "merged" record with one of these OL-file records. If necessary, we will add changes to existing IRIS records in order to avoid losing existing work.

MON-CNG: Bob will report out the no match RELOAD records that have ALEX DOCUS PENDING holdings. Stephanie will split between ALEX and LSM, and report Dana selections to Wen.

MON-NEW-OL and MON-CNG-OL: If records in the Review file have full text available through the 856 field, then we will keep the record (Approve). If there is no 856 field in a MON-CNG-OL record, we will Delete it from the Review file. Bob will add the library/item structure for RU-ONLINE to any record with an 074 field containing "(Online)" and an 856 field.

File management:

If there is an empty report, Bob will not add it to the LSM T: drive.

Report of all 856's on records that were updated: As the cataloger goes through this report (currently, this is Harriet and Steve Z.), he/she needs to delete the file (report) when done.

LSM server organization: Stephanie will create separate folders for Monographs, Serials, Monographs with 856, Serials with 856. She will sort out the existing files into their proper folders.

Text reports: Stephanie will delete the text version of a file of monograph records once it has been put into an Access file. Ellen will do the same for serials records.

Review file: The highest priority for cleaning out this file will be records from the file loaded January 2003, and files with one or two records only.

Access files: We do not need the column for primary key for Monographs file. Stephanie will work with Paul to help staff print out the appropriate report to take into the stacks.

Depository videos:

Mary Beth Weber does not need to routinely see these. NBCS should email Mary Beth to get an accession number for videos. Items that have no tmp records need to be sent to Special Formats Cataloging.

Serials vs. Monographs:

Do we want to add 500 SERMARPEN note to tmp records? We are inconsistent in adding that note because not all are skilled at recognizing possible serials. Proposed scenario: Create brief record (serial). Include 500 SERMARPEN note. Barcode items (all holdings). When the full record overlays the tmp record, Elizabeth will notify Paul to add the control and MARC Holdings records.

Next meeting:

Charting the workflow
Each one chart their own "to me/from me" workflow for Marcive loads;
Serials change criteria (Elizabeth);
Monographs important review elements (Harriet);
Change DateCataloged for MON-NEW-OL

Recorder: Gracemary, then Bob
Date/Time: October 16, 10 a.m.

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