Marcive Load Work Group
Minutes of May 25, 2004 Meeting

Ellen Calhoun (chair), Gracemary Smulewitz, Elizabeth Leister, Stephanie Bartz, Bob Warwick, Rhonda Marker (recorder), Paul Cabelli, Harriet De Ceunynck

Ellen opened the meeting with a proposal that our July 5 meeting be this group's last, as we will have submitted our impact statement to Technical Services Council by August.

The minutes of the previous meeting were corrected.

Ellen is drafting our report and corralling statistics. Bob will set up statistics online.

Gracemary and Paul led a discussion of the New Brunswick Libraries workflow. Several handouts were shared: "Holdings management for Marcive SER-NEW and SER-NEW-OL federal depository materials," "Marcive unit processing duplicate record problems," and "Holdings management for Marcive MON-NEW federal depository materials." The latter document will be revised following today's discussion. Gracemary will send all of these reports to the FEDDOCS listserv.

Beginning with the June load, we will make the OCLC number the match point for SER-NEW and SER-NEW-OL.

Rhonda outlined the transition of responsibilities from Harriet to others following her (semi-) retirement on June 30. Ruth Bogan, DBM, will review the MON-NEW# records in IRIS and the MON-CNG records in the Review file.

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