Cost Analysis for Historical New Jersey Documents Online Bibliographic Access

Number of titles estimated to require new online bibliographic access: 6,000-7,000 this includes both Alexander Library and Library of Science and Medicine

Analysis of representational sample of Alexander Library documents shelf list:

100 titles selected: 69 monographs, 31 serials; included dates from 1839-1982, various agencies including legislative materials

25% in IRIS, can be added to existing records (local [RUL] responsibility)

23% "copy" cataloging: Library of Congress record, RLIN or OCLC member record, with usable Library of Congress call number, sufficient author and subject access, and accurate description of item

24% records in RLIN or OCLC lacking vital elements such as call number: requires original cataloging ability

28% lack records in any database; require complete original cataloging

Summary: 52% require original cataloging work

Total amount of original cataloging: 3,120-3,640 records

Original cataloging rate: 24 titles/40 hours

Original cataloging includes some or all of the following: describing the item accurately and completely; identifying the necessary author, title, series, government body, subject, uniform title, standard or technical report number, and other points of access; establishing consistent form of entry of controlled access points such as author, government body, and uniform title; analyzing the subject content of the title and assigning appropriate subject headings; classifying the item within the Library of Congress classification scheme and assigning a call number; establishing a series call number for all items within a numbered series.

Original cataloging wage: $15.00 minimum

Cost of original cataloging: $78,000-$91,005

Time estimates for original cataloging, based on 250 working days per year:

20 hours/week for highest estimated number: 6 years, 1 month [303 weeks]

40 hours/week for lowest estimated number: 2 years, 7 months [130 weeks]

In order to complete the original cataloging in one year, the project would require 104 (minimum) to 122 (maximum) original cataloging hours per week.

Analysis provided by Rhonda Marker, Head, Cataloging Department January 25, 2001

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