GPC Letter to RUL Directors, October 12, 2000

October 12, 2000

TO: Marianne Gaunt, University Librarian

FROM: Government Publications Committee (of the Technical Services Council)

RE: GPO Letter to Directors

At our October Government Publications Committee meeting, the recent GPO Letter to Directors was discussed, and members raised concerns about a number of issues addressed therein which could lead to misperceptions of our local situation. Unfortunately, in sending out the letter, GPO did not take into consideration how their comments might impact on research libraries whose documents collections contain not only those federal publications offered by GPO but other federal materials. Nor, obviously, did the GPO letter concern itself with state, international and foreign materials. Although we are happy to embrace the increasing online availability of federal depository materials, we would like to offer the following thoughts.

While committee members agree that the online environment assuredly makes public ease of access to a great deal of documentation attractive and readily available, we need to work to ensure that the current trend toward decentralized availability does not undo the accomplishments of federal document librarians during the past several decades. We feel strongly that at Rutgers we need to continue our commitment of staff and space, so that 25-50 years hence it shall not be said that we fell down on the job of preserving precious materials for our students and faculty.

Government Publications Committee:

Stephanie Bartz
Ellen Calhoun
Mary Fetzer
Rhonda Marker
Wen Ren, Chair

Cc S. Soong

R. Toyama
L. Mullins
G. Golden
F. Puniello
F. Tehrani
G. Smulewitz

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