Minutes of Thursday, January 17, 2002 Meeting

Libby Hart, Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley, Donna Kessler, Inta Sams, Marilyn Tankiewicz, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), and Kristen St. John
Jazmine Faherty and Bernice Weinberg

The Committee continued its study of safety and security issues in light of 9/11 and will be meeting regularly on a monthly basis. The agenda for the day focused on three main areas: update of the emergency manuals, CPR training, and emergency drills.

Kristen St. John reported on the emergency manuals. She and Jazmine Faherty are preparing a generic manual and ensuring that the sections are up to date and timely. Jazmine is working on floor plans for all the libraries. The TAS manual prepared by Donna Kessler is well done and will be a useful guide to the committee in its work. Libby Hart will ensure that we are using the most recent procedures for bomb threat emergencies. Kristen and Jazmine will bring a working draft emergency manual to next month's Health and Safety meeting. Particular information that is campus specific, of course, will be added to the manuals at the unit levels.

Inta Sams reported on CPR training for RUL employees. She has made contact with Les Barta at emergency services who coordinates CPR training. Inta learned that employees who were certified over a year ago do not get re-certified and must take the course over. Inta is checking on maximum size of classes and about CPR training for Newark and Camden. The Special Collections Room at LSM is on reserve for CPR classes to be scheduled the week of March 18 - 22. We will try to get as many people certified as possible and encourage the directors to support attendance.

Cabinet has asked the Health & Safety Committee to develop emergency procedures for emergency building evacuation and to develop a public announcement in case of an emergency building evacuation. Our work on the emergency manuals connects to this particular project. Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley will draft an appropriate general announcement.

The Committee reiterates that RUL employees must be alert and use their common sense in emergency situations and always be aware of who is at work and where they are in the building. Further, the units should *immediately* review and change, if necessary, their designated assembly areas for emergency evacuations to ensure that employees do not find safe haven in front of buildings, or in parking lots.

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