Minutes of Tuesday, February 12, 2002 Meeting

Jazmine Faherty, Donna Kessler, Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley, Inta Sams, Kristen St. John, Marilyn Tankiewicz, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), and Bernice Weinberg
Libby Hart

The Committee continues its work on the update of the emergency manuals, production of a Libraries' generic manual, CPR training, and emergency drills.

There is a new revised accident report form which is to be used immediately and is available online at http://rehs.rutgers.edu. When any workplace accident occurs it must be reported. The front page of the form must be faxed to Risk Management at 2-2580 and the completed form to follow within specific time periods. A fatality or hospitalization must be reported immediately.

Jazmine Faherty and Kristen St. John reported on the generic emergency manual. They brought an excellent working draft emergency manual to the meeting as promised. The Committee went through the manual page by page and some outdated items were pulled. Floor plans for all buildings will be included at the back of the generic manual in the 2nd draft to be presented at the next H&S meeting. Particular information that is campus specific will be added to the manuals at the unit levels. Troy will check on some specific details with the university police about actual amount of distance to congregate from the building during an emergency evacuation, and what other areas besides parking lots are not considered safe havens. When there is a threat, the building may not always be evacuated, the police, EMS, may do a search. If deemed necessary, they would be the individuals, along with the staff of the library, to activate the alarm.

Inta Sams and Bernice Weinberg reported on CPR training for RUL employees. Emergency Services will do training for all three campuses. The Special Collections Room at LSM is on reserve for CPR classes to be scheduled for March 19, 20 and 21. Libby Hart and Isabel O' Donovan Keeley will arrange scheduling on their campuses. Committee members are communicating this information to employees and determining interest in certification. Marilyn Wilt will coordinate CPR training and registration.

Isabel O'Donovan-Keeley led the discussion on the general announcement for use in an emergency building evacuation. The Committee proposes the following public announcement for Cabinet's review: "May I have your attention. This is an emergency. Leave the building immediately using the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators".

The Committee will also investigate the scheduling of emergency drills.

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