Minutes of October 10, 2002 Meeting

Rosalba Barbalace, Henry Charles, Jazmine Faherty, Kristen St. John, Marilyn Tankiewicz, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), Ann Watkins, and Kelly Worth attended the September 10, 2002, meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee in the Special Collections Room, LSM; Libby Hart and Donna Kessler were absent.

Notice has gone out to employees that free flu shots are available at the student health centers on all campuses. Information is at http://health.rutgers.edu/flu/.

Current work on the emergency manuals involves adding information about the use of cell phones in emergency situations. On page 2, we will add to "Do NOT pull the fire alarm as this could trigger any incendiary device as could the use of a cell phone, including turning on, turning off, or accepting a call. And to the emergency announcement for vacating the building do not use a cell phone will be added to the announcement to vacate the building. On the Bomb Threat Procedures page 6, we are adding similar admonitions. The Committee has decided that the coordination of the emergency manual will be through the Libraries Human Resources Office. When the Committee updates pages or adds to the manual it will forward that information to the Libraries HR office for placement in the manual and onto a disk.

CPR training for Library employees to be offered in January during the winter break is a project. Marilyn Tankiewicz is in charge and will report back to us at our next meeting. Ann Watkins will look into CPR training at the Dana Library. The Committee supports offering CPR classes for new employees and for Dana and Robeson employees, as well. Ann Watkins will contact Bradley Morgan, University Police Officer on the Newark campus, about conducting an emergency drill at Dana. If possible, the Committee invites him to attend the next meeting.

We postponed work on a letter of thanks to the University Police.

The next meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee will be at noon on Thursday, December 12, 2002 at LSM.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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