Minutes of December 12, 2002 Meeting

Rosalba Barbalace, Henry Charles, Jazmine Faherty, Christine Ingram, Donna Kessler, Bill Puglisi, Kristen St. John, Marilyn Tankiewicz, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), and Kelly Worth attended the December 12, 2002, meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee in the Special Collections Room, LSM; Libby Hart was absent.

New Committee members Chris Ingram, Dana Library, and Bill Puglisi, NBL, were introduced and welcomed.

Draft pages for the emergency manuals were reviewed by the Committee and changes to page 2 and page 6 were approved. It was agreed that the emergency announcement for vacating the building include " Do not operate cell phones in any manner".

Donna Kessler drafted an excellent letter to the university police and emergency services thanking them for their guidance and support in conducting emergency drills for the libraries. The letter will go out before the winter break.

The highlight of the meeting was an outstanding presentation on Defibrillators (AED or Automated External Defibrillators) presented by Les Barta, an experienced paramedic, firefighter and CPR trainer from Rutgers Emergency Services. AED's are used to restart the heart and with the proper training are fairly simple to operate. Les' presentation included a film, a PowerPoint presentation, and training demonstration about using Defibrillators. The university has AED's at the rec centers and in university police cars and is planning further locations for keeping AED machines.

Marilyn Tankiewicz is arranging CPR training for Library employees to be offered in January during the winter break and Chris Ingram will see if library employees at Dana are interested in taking CPR training. Les Barta's program about AED's was so informative that the Committee supports including Defibrillators training with CPR classes. His presentation won over the Committee in appreciating the importance of AED's in saving lives when minutes count.

The next meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee will be on Friday, January 17, 2003 at 9:00 a.m. in the Administration conference room, 3rd floor, Alexander Library. The meeting will be Video-Conferenced to the Robeson Library.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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