Minutes of January 13, 2004 Meeting

Henry Charles, Kristi Conover, Christine Ingram, Bonita Grant, Donna Kessler, Jill Morrow, Bill Puglisi, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), and Kelly Worth attended the January 13, 2004 meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee in the Nicholas Rutgers Conference Room, Alexander Library; Libby Hart and Rosalba Barbalace were excused.

The Committee will contact employees to determine who is certified to perform CPR and who needs re-certification. That process has already begun. We then can determine how to proceed and if we can get support for further training. We did note that Rutgers police and emergency services are nearby on all campuses and can provide CPR when needed.

During the recent Orange Alert employees were advised to be alert for suspicious persons and activities on campus and to immediately report to the university police. Once again it should be repeated how to contact 911 when on campus:

For information at Rutgers there is a Web site on Emergency Preparedness and Helpful Resources http://ruweb.rutgers.edu/emergencyresources/

See the federal government management Agency (FEMA) Web site: http://www.fema.gov

READY.GOV at http://www.ready.gov contains information and measures to protect you from Biological Threat, Chemical Threat, Explosions, Nuclear Blast and Radiation Threats (dirty bombs).

Copies of pages from these Websites were distributed at the meeting and should be added to page 2 of the Emergency Manuals.

The Committee again encourages keeping flashlights for emergencies or blackouts and suggests first aid kits in the departments be kept up-to-date.

The next meeting of the Committee will be in April

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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