Minutes of March 23, 2005 Meeting

John Brennan, Henry Charles, Kristi Conover, Tim Corlis, Jill Morrow, Bill Puglisi, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), Penny Weniger, and Kelly Worth attended the March 23,2005 meeting of the Libraries Health and Safety Committee in the Heyer Room, Alexander Library. Libby Hart and Christine Ingram were excused.

On the agenda the meeting covered updating of the Libraries emergency manuals and addressed what to do for medical emergencies and accidents. The information is covered in the emergency manuals but are employees oriented to this information? Hence we will have to promote this information and do orientations to make our employees more aware of steps to take and to inform them where the manuals are kept. The H&S Committee recommends that health and safety be added to the regular faculty and staff orientations for new employees and to the unit orientations as well. The units should inform employees where the manuals are kept and emergency numbers should be attached or placed near phones. Of course, in some emergencies the manual might not be consulted but the basic rule to follow is to call 911.

For emergencies requiring medical attention, first aid, and fire, etc. CALL 911. You must first get an outside line and then call 911. This procedure will work on weekends and evenings as well.

Camden call 911 and from a university extension dial 6-111, Newark call 911 and from a university extension 5- 111. In New Brunswick, Piscataway dial 911 and from a university extension, obtain an outside line

DO NOT TRANSPORT YOURSELF: call 911 and the university police will determine whether to contact Emergency services or to transport the person to a Rutgers health center.

The non-emergency number for police in New Brunswick is 732-932-7211, Camden 856-225-6009, Newark 973-353-5581.

Cleanup of damaged furniture, glass, etc. is done by Facilities (the number varies by campus). If cleanup is needed on the weekend or after hours call the non-emergency police number.


The Committee will update pages in the manuals, e.g., accident report forms are out-of-dates, phone numbers will be up-dated. It is recommended that the manuals be kept in 3 ring binders. Pages from WWW.ready.gov for information about planning for emergencies should follow page 2 in the manual. University regulation 3.6.17 Attendance During Adverse Weather Conditions is still in effect and should be in the manual.

We remind RUL employees that there are designated Safe Places for emergencies. Alexander Library's Safe Place is Buccleuch Park. Douglass Library is Antilles Field, Art Library is the Voorhees Mall, LSM is the lawn outside the front door moving as far away from the building as possible; Kilmer is to the left as you leave the main doors in the field between the Kilmer Library and the Janice Levin Building; TAS is by the ASB building. At Dana, go to the Robeson Campus Center across the plaza. The safe place for Robeson Library is the Campus Center. The university police recommend that employees should get in the habit of going to the Safe Place whether it be a drill or a real emergency

Penny Weniger is working on training topics at NBL and will report back to the Committee so we may collaborate.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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