Minutes of August 10, 2005 Meeting

John Brennan, Kristi Conover, Tim Corlis, Jill Morrow, Bill Puglisi, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), Penny Weniger, and Kelly Worth
Libby Hart
Henry Charles, Christine Ingram

The main portion of the meeting was devoted to responding to the RUL Group Questionnaire Form. The work has been completed and the Form was sent to Jeris Cassel on August 16, 2005.

We found that in answering the Questionnaire that the group's purpose/scope/charge was missing from the charge on the Web page. As a result the Committee as a whole drafted the following:

We will ask the Webmaster to put this information under the Committee Charge for the Health and Safety Committee.

Penny Weniger and Jill Morrow considered presenting a brown bag session on the emergency manual for the Health and Safety Committee. However, upon discussion with the Committee it was decided that a brown bag would not provide enough time to present the entire manual. The Committee recommended that a power point be developed based on an abbreviated version of the emergency manual. The power point presentation can be presented to new employees at orientations and for other meetings. We will find out the date of the next orientation so we can complete this project prior to that date. We currently project working on this at our October meeting.

Kelly Worth reported she has prepared an abbreviated version of the emergency manual for Douglass for use at the reference desk and she sent a copy to every Douglass faculty and staff member for their own keeping. This is an excellent idea and we recommend that the other units do this. I will send a copy of Kelly's manual to Committee members so they can replicate similar abbreviated emergency manuals for their units.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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