Minutes of February 21, 2008 Meeting

John Brennan, Henry Charles, Kristi Conover, Libby Hart (videoconference), Chris Ingram, Bill Puglisi, Sandra Troy (chair and recorder), Penny Weniger, Kelly Worth
Tim Corlis, Jill Morrow
Francoise Puniello participated and invited Captain Steven Keleman from the Office of Emergency Management

Captain Steven Keleman spoke to the Committee about the role and activities of the Rutgers Office of Emergency Management (OEM). The home page for OEM is at http://emergency.rutgers.edu/. The OEM home page provides an excellent overview including useful information on preparing for emergencies. The Committee is very interested in going to the next steps. First of all we will review our existing Emergency Procedures Manuals that we have for each library. It is always a valuable exercise to review our manuals and procedures. We will then invite OEM to come in and review them (basically the manuals are all the same except for building specific items) to see where there is room for improvement. We also may wish to pursue some training that Captain Keleman proposed. Captain Keleman spoke about a trip to Trenton to visit the ROIC aka "the Rock", (just a helicopter ride away) the State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center in West Trenton. This is where the federal government (FBI, DEA, and Homeland Security) communicates with the state and local authorities. They provide University Public Safety with the up to date intelligence. Captain Keleman's discussion was very informative and reassuring that Rutgers is committed to the safety of its community.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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