Minutes of October 29, 2008 Meeting

John Brennan, Henry Charles, Kristi Conover, Lila Fredenburg, Bonita Grant, Barry Lipinski, Jill Morrow, Bill Puglisi, Francoise Puniello, Sandra Troy, chair; and Kelly Worth; Libby Hart and Christine Ingram participated via videoconference. There were no absences.

University Police Officer Richard McGilvery presented a power point overview about Lock Downs and advised the Committee on Lock Down procedures.

The threat is an active shooter. The event is sudden. Targets can be anybody (a soft target). RUPD engages in practice and internal drills. They will enter the scene prior to SWAT/ERT arrival. The moment the threat is identified; secure all exit doors to the outside. Use the PA system to tell people to go to a secure room. Do not physically restrain anyone from leaving the building. Create zones for Lock Down procedures. Plan floor by floor for a safe room (that information should not be made public). Once inside a safe room, barricade the room and lock the door. Stay low, quiet and out of sight. Never hide in a bathroom. Cover door and windows. If you can, exit through a window. It is not necessary to store food and water as most lock downs are short in duration. Flashlights are recommended. If exiting the building run zig zag not in a straight line. Run to police with hands on head, comply with all instructions. Education process for staff and student employees is important so they know the plan. If you hear the fire alarm, stay in place until you know if there is really a fire. Assign one person to maintain communication with 911. Only call if you have pertinent information. Persons who are outside the building stay away from the building and do not call the location. Pertinent information will be disseminated via email or other media. When the situation is over officers will go through the building. We have to have something in place so people will know it is safe to come out. If trapped with the shooter/s, do not provoke them, do as they say, don't move suddenly, stay quiet, make a decision and stay with it. To enroll to receive emergency text messages go to http://personalinfo.rutgers.edu.Program Rutgers police in your speed dial 732-932-7211. Program ICE (in case of emergency) your emergency contact. Officer McGilvery commented favorably on the Robeson Library emergency guidelines. The Committee will prepare a section for the emergency manuals and Robeson's guidelines are an excellent resource from which to model.

Respectfully submitted,
S. Troy

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