Minutes of May 22, 2009 Meeting

John Brennan, Kristi Conover, Christine Ingram, Jill Morrow, Michele Petosa, Bill Puglisi, Francoise Puniello, Sandra Troy, chair. Excused: Henry Charles, Bonita Grant, Libby Hart, Barry Lipinski, and Kelly Worth.

Bill Puglisi walked us through the excellent Lockdown report his committee produced for Alexander and the Art Libraries. He stressed that employees should know where fire exits in the buildings are located and suggested a fire exit tour be added to new employee orientations. Officer McGilvery will visit the Art Library to advise further on identifying safe zones. We await reports from Dana, Kilmer, LSM Robeson and TAS.

Michele Petosa reviewed the second draft of the emergency manual going page by page through each section of the manual. The university issued an Emergency Action Plan and Fire Extinguisher Use Guidelines Manual that is very succinct and covers important sections. We decided to include the plan in the beginning of the manual and retain the executive summary statement as well. Michele will add pandemics to the Natural Disasters Section of the manual. Last phase will be to paginate and date pages and update the table of contents.

Apropos of pandemics, frequent hand washing is recommended as a measure against swine flu (AH1N1). The committee recommends hand sanitizers be placed at busy service points in the libraries.

The committee will meet in the fall and continue work on the manual electronically during the summer.

Respectfully submitted,
Sandra Troy

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