Minutes of March 20, 2013 Meeting

Lila Fredenburg, Bill Puglisi, Kelly Worth, Keir Reavie, Jill Morrow, Laura Friday, Henry Charles, John Brennan and Michele Petosa. Absent: Barry Lipinski, Monique Whittle, Ramon Negron and Tim Corlis.

Review of agenda - Table website roll out until manual updated and possible intranet use becomes available; possible page with links to pertinent RU department websites instead of pdf of webpages.

Lock Down Procedures - Keir discussed concern about Dana's plan; the zone officer will speak to small groups. Keir will modify and update plan as needed. John Brennan said TAS revisited their procedure after the Sandy Hook incident; TAS has contacted facilities about enhanced security doors so their procedures may change.

Each area was asked to review and update their lockdown procedures for the next meeting so that they can be forwarded to RUPD for assessment.

We will start fresh with a new updated manual. John will revamp the sakai site. Michele will populate with the most recent word/pdf documents so everyone has access. Please remove the phone numbers in the header and footer when reviewing. We will place the emergency numbers on the front of the manual.

In summary: review of assigned sections and/or unit lockdown procedures , update and finalize at next meeting, send to RUPD for review, roll out to all faculty and staff, semi-annual reminders about update and lockdown review.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/health_com/minutes/hasc_13_03_20.shtml
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