Minutes of March 11, 2015 Meeting

Michele Petosa (chair), Barry Lipinski, Bill Puglisi, Henry Charles, Jill Morrow, Laura Friday, Kelly Worth, Susan Tran, Monique Whittle, Susan Tel, Joann Polgar, Anthony Mayo.

Alfreda Richardson from SERC gave a thirty minute presentation on emergency preparedness. She explained the GO-PAK of useful items for extreme situations at home, work or school. Each committee member was given a printout to help in customizing individual GO-PAKs.

Review of Emergency Manual; lockdown procedures to be reviewed by associated units. Members were assigned to check phone numbers and individual sections:

Susan Tran reported on discrepancies between the on-line manual and the hard-copy

Michele reported on recent incident at Dana Library. Plans are in progress to have speakers come in on mental illness and the active shooter program. Active Shooter video to be sent to RUL Everyone. Michele explained the Run-Hide-Fight video and theory. Michele also reported on an Active Shooter presentation sponsored by the NJ State Library; BEST ADVICE-JUST GET OUT if a safe option.

Assessment among the group of Alfreda's Presentation: consensus was positive-recommended for brown bag seminar series.

Minutes compiled by H Charles

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/health_com/minutes/hasc_15_03_11.shtml
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