Minutes of November 5, 2015 Meeting

Michele Petosa (chair), Lila Fredenburg, Barry Lipinski, Bill Puglisi, Henry Charles, Jill Morrow, Kelly Worth, Joann Polgar, Monique Whittle and Susan Tran.
Laura Friday, John Brennan, Susan Tel

Michele began the meeting by relaying information on the Active Shooter Program which will take place at the Dana Library, Newark Campus on Friday, January 8, 2016 from 8-11AM. This program is being Conducted by RUPD; EMS; OEM, Dana Library faculty & staff and the Chancellor's office. It will be used to train RUPD recruits and will not feature the use of live firearms. This live demo will be attended by Bill Puglisi who will report back to the committee. Michele will coordinate possible attendance by faculty/staff from G.F. Smith Library.

The possibility of doing a similar program at Kilmer or Douglass was discussed and a sub-committee will be formed with Kelly Worth, Jill Morrow, Laura Friday and Michele Petosa, who will investigate the permissions needed and propose tentative dates, most likely on a Friday morning when classes are not in session.

Bill Puglisi relayed information to the group regarding the closing/locking of office doors during a fire drill. He read responses from both Chief Bill Scott (EMS) and Lt. Brian Emmett (RUPD) and the basic instruction was to lock doors upon leaving if time and safety permit. Also discussed was the need for employee accountability during drills, the responsibility to take attendance and to ensure all faculty and staff have left the building. Department heads will be reminded to take attendance for their areas during future drills. Barry shared that at the last Kilmer drill students who were non-compliant and did not leave were asked to stand aside by the EMS official, their names were taken and they were cited for failure to leave the building during a drill.

The current edition of the Health and Safety manual is deemed fine, no changes necessary.

The possibility of having RUPD give another presentation of the Active Shooter Program was discussed and strongly encouraging new faculty/staff to attend. The emergency fire exit tours are still being conducted at Alexander. Tim proposed a review of the fire suppression system used in Special Collections and will investigate to see if there are any on-line videos.

Barry stated that overall thefts were down 56% in 2014 and in 2015 there were only 3 thefts. He noted that it seemed that international students were disproportionately targeted. Barry mentioned that there is a Daily Crime Journal on the RUPD web page that lists crimes under investigation over the last three months and he will forward to the committee a chart he's been keeping regarding crime statistics.

Minutes compiled by Bill Puglisi

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