Minutes of November 30, 2001 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Sal Cardinale, Clothilde Twagirmaiya, Melody Tomaszewicz, and Suzanne Posluszny

Review of 930's

Paul passed out copies of a 930 reference sheet. The group reviewed the sheet and made a few corrections.

SUDOC Call#s

Paul passed out copies of the "Federal Depository Library Program, An Explanation of the Superintendent of Documents Classification System." He also passed out copies of formatting sudoc call#s and LC call numbers. Suzanne reviewed with the group the proper way to write sudoc call numbers and what each line represents.

Writing Proper Items

Paul passed out copies from the Rutgers Libraries cataloging department on volume designators.The group reviewed the proper items.

Discussion arose about withdrawing current year old publications. Paul said he would look into the proper way of withdrawing items that come in parts.

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