Minutes of July 25, 2002 meeting

Suzanne Posluszny, Melody Tomaszewicz, Susan Brower, Bob Hosh, Christopher Lee, Sal Cardinale, Andrew Ruggiero, Paul Cabelli, Clothilde Twagirmaiya, Jamie Maguire, Christopher Lee(recorder)


  1. Discussion of statistics
  2. Review of 866 creation/ discussion of problems/questions about 866's
  3. X-holdings codes usage
  4. Months and year pattern used in controls
  5. Recalled volumes
  6. Review of Iris ceased and cancelled title procedures
  7. Review of Unit Processing Form


1. Statistics

Paul Cabelli lead the group in a lengthy discussion on statistics for both ARL and Non ARL statistics. Handouts of both forms were distributed by Susan Brower. The ARL statistic form seemed to go rather quickly with little debate. The group in general seemed to agree that section I. B could use an update to include a section for Cd-roms. There was also talk that the form may be getting updated shortly.

The discussion of the non – ARL form allowed for more flexibility in regard to what gets kept and what doesn’t need to be kept any more. In the section marked (Record Updates - Bibliographic – other) some people may prefer to other as problems on their own forms.

In order to conclude the meeting after reviewing the Non ARL several members of the group agreed to meet for further discussion of the statistics.

2. Holdings

Next the group reviewed a complex record with several 866’s. This document was provided by ?. Completion of this ended the meeting.

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