Minutes of September 19, 2002 meeting

Susan Brower, Sal Cardinale, Bob Hosh, Jamie Maguire, Suzanne Posluszny(recorder), Andrew Ruggiero, Neera Sondi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Clothilde Twagirmaiya
Paul Cabelli, Stacy Dematteo


  1. Approval of August 15, 2002 meeting.
  2. Holdings info. about Annex Stacks
  3. Statistics
  4. Adding Bound Vol Procedure Review
  5. Marc Cheat Sheet
  6. Problems review

1. Reviewed and approved minutes from August 15, 2002 meeting.

2. Annex holding location of stacks.

All material for the Annex should be in the stacks. Send all holding information for the Annex to Stacy Dematteo. Stacy has been trained to update records to MARC format. Material in the Annex is shelved by accession number and not by call number.

3. Julie Kaufman presentation of statistics

Julie reviewed the statistics she was keeping for 2002 and 2003 fiscal years. She is keeping both ARL and in-house statistics. Julie mentioned language differences at both libraries make it diffucult to compare statistics. She also said the differences could result as inaccurate statistics at both locations. The group agreed definitions are important and that an effort should be made to let Julie know what term we are using for each task. Julie mentioned a statistic sheet would eventually be developed for each individual for workflow purposes.

4. Review of procedure for adding bound volumes.

The group reviewed the procedures and found few changes. One change was in the pulling a bindery at ALEX. Receivers at ALEX pull bindery by the letter they check-in. LSM has one person designated to pull bindery. Another change is that there are two reports generated, one for “Bound” controls and one for “No Bound” controls. The last change was Bindery staff use the discharge date was preparing bindery for ABLE.

5. MARC cheat sheet.

Melody agreed to prepare a MARC cheat sheet. This cheat sheet would consist of commonly used MARC notes and helpful definitions. Suzanne asked the group to think about commonly used MARC procedures and to talk about them at your workplace for discussion at the next meeting.

6. Problems.

Next meeting October 17th 2002 at 10:30 a.m. at LSM,CSD

Recorder: Neera Sondhi; Andrew Ruggiero (as per absence)

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