Minutes of December 19, 2002 meeting

  1. When New title have been bound to the old title:
    Different methods and scenarios can be applied in the situation:
    1. With a Control Record
      1. Create new predictions on the Bound Control and receive them
      2. Received items can either be left in the received folder or deleted depending on how many they are. (This is optional)
    2. Without a Control Record -
      1. First option is to just “Add Items” using the “Add Items” button.
      2. The second option is to use the “Modify Title” button.
        • Click on “Add Holdings” (check for the correct library)
        • Create 853’s for the different vol. to be added.
        • Third option is to create a Temporary Control Record
        • Create and receive all the vol. to be added and delete the control when finished.
          (It was noticed that this type of situation doesn’t often happen)
  2. Bound-with Procedures
    1. Melody showed to the group how to create a full record for a “parent item” to which can be added a “child record”
      The Bound-Withs Procedure cheatsheet is in itself self explanatory, but a demonstration on the computer was very useful.
      • Change preferences and unclick the “add copy” checkbox when creating the child record.
      • To remove records: remove the “child record” first before removing the parent record; and
      • Remember to fix the preferences back when done.
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. In order to better structure and coordinate the training of the students under his supervision, Sal wanted to know if “Processing” is part of “Iris Maintenance”. It was noticed that LSM has it under Iris Maintenance but ALEX doesn’t. It was suggested that Sal ask Jamie who coordinates the “Processing Staff” at LSM.
    2. Help during the Break
      For the work to keep on going smoothly during the break time, LSM will use some of the help available at Alex.
    3. Paul mentioned that Clotilde Twagiramariya be added to the Holding Focus Group Meeting

Next Meeting will be held at ALEX on January 16, 2003

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