Minutes of April 24, 2003 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Julie Kaufman, Jamie Maguire {chair/recorder], Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz


  1. Review complex Marc set-ups for Periodicals where one numbered issue per volume comes in as different format, such as video, fiche or CD. Examples, 'Explorations' and 'Journal of film and video'.
  2. New Series format approval
  3. P. verse PP. and |zWith gaps
  4. QUICK review of the newest update of 852 tags and Common Current & Bound control record patterns
  5. CD supplements- when do we check-in as special issues and when do we decide to have a separate control/Marc-H, Can we have a separate control/Marc-H?

Meeting was called to order @ 10:12am

1. First we began to review the newest update of 852 tags. We acknowledged the special notes in the beginning of the document, concerning any holdings note not included in the document and the references to |c and |z. We approved all the standard holdings notes in the document but felt that numbers 5-8 would need more of a detailed explanation for how to handle, especially when binding. Melody had provided a title which exemplified numbers 6-7, while reviewing it we realized that it should be made clear that although only one Marc-H may appear we may still have 2 or more controls. We also thought number 14 for annual SuDoc call #’s could use a note pointing out that we will no longer be using |i.

2. While reviewing numbers 5-7 on the Marc Holdings standards for 852 tags document the concept of using an 866 as a static Marc-H for bound volumes gave way to new ideas. For titles that have Supplements or Indices that are bound separately we could have an 867 or 868 as a static Marc-H for bound supplements or Indices. Just as the 866 would be updated each time we bind, the 867/868 can be updated as well. We also experimented with 854’s and 855’s, which are supplement/index patterns that require manually creating corresponding 864’s or 865’s. Both appeared the same but in different order. 867/868’s were placed under the 866, which we felt looked the best, and when using a pattern and having corresponding 864/865’s the suppl/index holding statement appeared under the 863’s but above the 866’s. A good example of this and of #5 from the Marc Holdings standards for 852 tags document can be found by viewing the title: Meteorological and geoastrophysical abstracts, title control # a232174. We also reviewed another title that did have a Current and Bound Marc-H and the supplements were bound separately (Molecular Biology of the Cell, title id #a777817). We decided that this sort of scenario should be added to the 852’s document.

3. The Common Current & Bound control record patterns document was reviewed and approved, pending a few little adjustments. We add example of annual multiple vol. & year, we remove season from number 5, and update the ones that show date in the bound.

4. We did not want to use new series in the base call number so we reviewed multiply options for the appearance of new series in the pattern tab. We tried N.S.:V., NS:V., NSV., N.S.V. and NS (space)V. All of these options, except for the one with a space, were accepted in Marc and compressed. Meeting adjourned @ 12:15pm



  1. Melody Tomaszewicz – Update #8 on the ‘Marc Holdings Standards for 852 Tags’ document and work with Jamie on creating a cheat sheet for handling some of these slightly more complex scenarios.
  2. Jamie Maguire – Add onto the ‘Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns’ document, need an example of multiple vol. & year. Work with Melody on cheat sheet, which should include a note about the use of 867/868 as a static Marc-H for supplements or Indices bound alone. Create a new example on the ‘Marc Holdings Standards for 852 Tags’ document reflecting when supplements or Indices are bound alone.
  3. Paul Cabelli – Once Jamie and Melody complete their tasks the material/information will be shared with Paul so that he may do final updates for both the ‘Marc Holdings Standards for 852 Tags’ document and the ‘Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns’ document. He will also update numbers 15-17 on the ‘Common Current & Bound Control Record Patterns’ document.


Next meeting May 15, 2003 @ Alexander -- 10:00 am

Next recorders: Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz

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