Minutes of May 15, 2004 meeting

Susan Brower (recorder), Neera Sondhi (chair), Melody Tomaszewicz
Ingrid Diaz-Silva


  1. Review minutes from March meeting
  2. Discuss Marc Holdings problem solving session
  3. Documentation and procedures for how to solve Marc Holdings problems
  4. How to report statistics of solved Marc Holdings problems

Meeting was called to order at 2:10 pm

1. Minutes were reviewed from the last holdings meeting. Minutes are sent to New Brunswick CSD and Andrew Ruggerio who posts them on the NBL web-site.

2. The Marc Holdings problem solving session was very beneficial. There will be quarterly sessions.

3. Documentation and procedures for solving Marc Holdings problems will be worked on in the Holdings Focus group. Melody will bring the documents to the Holdings Working Group.Bound holdings, occasional split volumes, missing patterns and captions tag, incorrect display of call numbers, 930 deletions and With gaps problems will be documented.The occasional split proposed standard is to wait two years before changing the pattern. Melody will present that standard to the Holdings Working Group.

4. Melody and Neera will work on creating a spread sheet to report statistics for solved Marc Holdings problems. The problems will be divided into two groups: easy and complex.


  1. Melody will ask Gracemary Smulewitz if the Holdings minutes should be sent to RUL
  2. Melody will submit the occasional split volume standard to the Holdings Working Group
  3. Neera will create a spread sheet for Marc Holdings solved problems

Meeting adjourned @ 3:30 pm

Next meeting: June 17, 2004
Location: LSM
Time: 10:00 am

Next recorder: Ingrid Diaz-Silva
Backup recorder: Neera Sondhi

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_04-05-15.shtml
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