Minutes of May 24, 2006 meeting

Susan Brower [Recorder], Addie Fuller, Jean Madden, Jamie Maguire, Dean Meister, Neera Sondhi [Chair], Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman
Fatima Cunha


  1. Discussion of adding copies (i.e. how to match up material with existing cataloged records, policies in regards to adding items to brief records)
  2. WD copies and titles and policies regarding these functions
  3. Marc Holdings issues

Minutes were approved as written

Neera resigned as chair due to her new position in Bib/Cat.

Linda Zuckerman volunteered to chair the group.

Future meetings will be on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

Discussion of adding copies was tabled until the next meeting when Sharon Favarro, Fay Austin and Virgia Miller from Technical Services will be guests and discuss the procedure in depth.

Withdrawal procedures were reviewed and Melody will revise them for the next meeting. The issue of attached orders has to be addressed.

Jamie brought up the question of how to deal with accompanying material that is missing parts. Should there be a note visible to circulation staff such as “Lacks….? How does that tie in with billing, and replacement and notification of the selector? Further discussion is needed. Jamie will find out more about replacement procedures.

The question of how to display Marc Holdings for a Cat/Sep title within a serial was discussed. What note should display in the 852? Jamie will generate example notes for TSWIG to review.

Jamie brought up the procedure that is used to deal with classed current and bound titles shelved in the same location. When the material is bound the 863 is deleted and a static 866 is created. If a change of procedure would require a new 852 TSWIG and the Public Services Council would have to approve.

Information Sharing

Neera reported there are approximately 7000 more volumes to be processed in the LSM Weed Project.


  1. Melody will revise the Withdrawal procedures for the next meeting
  2. Jamie will generate for TSCWG examples of |z notes to be entered in the 852 of Cat/Sep material within a serial title
  3. Jamie will find out more about replacement procedures
  4. Jamie will talk with Ian about designing a new Annex Decision Slip


  1. TSCWG will address replacement books
  2. TSCWG will address 245/247 tags
  3. TSCWG will address the new location COLSER

Next meeting: June 15, 2006: Kilmer Media Room
Time: 10:00

Next recorder: Jamie Maguire
Back up recorder: Dean Meister

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/holdings/minutes/holdings_06-05-24.shtml
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