Minutes of January 17, 2008 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha, Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi (recorder), Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman (chair)
Dean Meister


  1. Approval of minutes for November.
  2. Staff notes-removal of note contents and brackets.
  3. 247 tag treatment.
  4. Shadowed records; report from Jamie from TSCWG-Holdings meeting.
  5. Status of projects we are all working on.

1. Minutes from November meeting were approved. Jamie will send a copy to Linda to get them posted on the web page.

2. Any item with staff notes for weeding, transfers, etc. that are deleted by just deleting the note contents leaves a bracket under the item when checked in the red book. (This does not show in Webcat.) The correct way to delete these notes is by highlighting the entire text, right clicking the mouse and using the delete function. This will remove the entire field, including the field label STAFF NOTE. When we go back in the record after saving, the STAFF NOTE line is back, but will have no contents. Jamie will investigate to see if circ and public notes also display in the same way.

Melody has set up a new folder on Alex and LSM T Drive called HRMT. She will be adding documentations for review in this folder. Melody also informed the group that she has approval from DBM to send up to 20 titles at a time for batch cataloging. These could be circ-on-the-fly or long overdue items that may not have a catalog record or a brief record. DBM notifies when a batch is complete so Susan or Melody can send the next batch. Fatima has been sending Dana items directly to DBM, and will continue this practice, unless it's a large number; then she will need to contact Melody.

3. 247 TAGS appear on the bib record as former titles. It was brought to the group's attention that there are several titles in the system cataloged with a 247 tag for previous title. The problem with these is that they may not all be shelved under the main title but may be shelved separately. We have to watch out for these 247 tags when working on the serials inventory project. Different options are being considered how to reflect the holdings for this sort of situation and needs further discussion at the TSCGW meeting.

4. Shadowed records sent from DTS to cataloging for circ-on-the-fly materials have to get unshadowed after cataloging . Access services should be using "create brief records" wizard for circ-on-the-fly records and they all will be shadowed. DTS staff should be aware to review the status of all three levels (Title, Call number and Item) and change when necessary. If a record matching a circ on the fly item is found, DTS should unshadow the item and transfer the book onto the matching record. If no match found, DTS does not enhance the record and does not unshadow; we change TECSERV to IN- PROCESS and send to DBM. This process will be discussed at TSCWG-Holdings.

5. Status of Projects


  1. MT to discuss with Gracemary if selectors are checking for gift mono records in the system, and do not find a record could them send them directly for cataloging, instead of sending them to DTS to send for cataloging.


  1. 247 tag further discussion at TSCWG meeting.

Next meeting

February 14, 2008
Kilmer Media Room
Time: 10:00am

Next recorder: Dean Meister
Back up recorder: Melody Tomaszewicz

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