Minutes of October 8, 2008 meeting

Susan Brower, Paul Cabelli, Fatima Cunha (Dana), Jonathan Embres (Camden), Jamie Maguire, Neera Sondhi, Melody Tomaszewicz, Linda Zuckerman (chair & recorder)
Dean Meister


  1. How Item Types Have Changed the SIP
  2. New Selector Priority Slips
  3. Transferring Superseded Items From One Library to Another
  4. Transfers to Annex - When Is It Appropriate to Bypass DTS & How to Handle It When It Happens
  5. Does Not Circulate Stamp conflict
  6. Information sharing / Updates on projects

Approval of minutes
Jamie's minutes approved - June
Melody will send out September's minutes.

1. Melody will send the link for the new holding codes to the Holding Focus group members and anyone that is working on the SIP project.

2. Melissa is acting gifts librarian till 10/5/08. - There are still questions about current imprints from Melissa. Jamie will hold off sending out priority slips to selectors and us until questions are answered. Then she will send them out with a cover letter from Melissa explaining how to use them. Jamie will print out priority slips in the proper colors for everyone. Basically, if the selector finds a copy of the current imprint then it is sent to us as an add. If not found, then the selector should send it to cataloging.

3. Rebecca wanted to make some changes to procedures for transferring superseded items from one library to another for readability and clarity. Iliana does this process at Dana - will forward document to her. If transferring from Kilmer to Camden, there are 2 ways to handle. If the item is not barcoded, then it is not charged to anything. If the item is barcoded, then it is charged to CS-USER and put in-transit

4. Table Item # 4 on agenda until next meeting because Dean is not present.

5. We discussed the "this book does not circulate" stamp conflict. If online and it says book circulates and then book is opened and it is stamped "does not circulate" - what should you do? A procedure was needed for this conflict. The policy will be to let patron have the book and tell them that we will check with selector and that they may need to bring the book back if it really should not circulate. A form is filled out and sent to Melody or Susan with title control number and barcode. Melody will check record and look at item lines and will go to selector and find out if the book should circulate or not. If it shouldn't circulate, then we will get it back from patron, if it's OK to circulate then we make book "localmaint" so that when it comes back it will be routed to DTS and we will cross out "do not circulate" in book and change record (item type) if incorrect. We are not stamping "do not circulate" anymore.

6. Status of Projects







Next meeting: Nov 12, 2008: LSM
Time: 10 a.m.

Next recorder: Susan
Back up recorder: Paul

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